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Anyone else getting activation lag again?

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Anyone else getting activation lag again?

TrixxieTriss's Avatar

06.26.2019 , 11:05 PM | #1
It just started like it was two weeks ago.
Trying to send comps off is taking 10-20 secs sometimes and the same with removing stuff from the guild.
There is also a 1-2 sec delay on ability activation and some jerkynes when running around the SH.
My connection is fine and no packet loss. Ping in the game is stable too.

Is anyone starting to get this happen?

The_Wulff's Avatar

06.27.2019 , 09:54 AM | #2
Yeah, it has been ongoing. The wife and I are seeing a ton of activation lag in flashpoints. Even with the last few emergency patches they have not worked out the lag in flashpoints.