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Deception vs Hatred 5.9

Kazz_Devlin's Avatar

01.08.2019 , 03:25 PM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by Kyrastorm View Post
What Kazz said ....
Have tried and do not enjoy the dot spread playstyle on Sin, Mara, Snipr, Op, or PT
Veng Jugg and IO Merc are okay, but can't help but go back to Rage and Arsenal
Guess I like the burst ...feels like you can actually kill stuff....
Hatred has better survivability I suppose than Deception with Leaching Strike, etc.
Its all personal preference though...
Play the spec/style you enjoy is always my recomendation, not which is parsing highest at the time
Kinda disagree, if your a deception going against hatred dot spec their laughable heals can't compete with our burst, which makes sense their focus is the many while we specialize on the one. Plus depending on your utilities deception can get heals when they cloak out the caveat being you have to stay cloaked to receive full benefit there-by losing anything you had proc'd. Granted when you open again you should start process over again but you basically wasted everything that you had proc'd prior to cloaking.