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highest possible endurance/HP?

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highest possible endurance/HP?

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12.17.2019 , 10:00 PM | #1
Mainly for PVP endgame but I'll take any answers

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12.17.2019 , 10:16 PM | #2
Highest possible Endurance you can build is 18,610.

You get +5% from the class buffs, Assassins/Shadows get an additional +5% in Tank stance, you can additionally increase this with 2-piece set bonuses that give you +2% per. Finally, you get +1% Max Health from the legacy companion completion.

For Assassin's that is:

Normal Health: 342,278
1 set bonus: 347,541
2 set bonus: 352,804
3 set bonus: 358,067 <-- Highest HP possible in the game

Juggernauts and Powertechs:

Normal Health: 329,121
1 set bonus: 334,384
2 set bonus: 339,646
3 set bonus: 344,909

Disclaimer: trying to reach these numbers should only be done in a meme capacity.
Don't ever learn how to tank.
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12.18.2019 , 09:13 AM | #3
Thanks for taking the time for the breakdown. Probably not worth it considering that the full dps classes are at what 320k HP?

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12.21.2019 , 06:45 PM | #4
Actually nevermind, I looked up some 75 wz on YT and saw people with the same HP as bolstered 74 and under