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Best Class To Main Post 5.6.1

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Best Class To Main Post 5.6.1

ThunderMop's Avatar

12.14.2017 , 04:24 PM | #1
I've played all of the classes, but I'm not sure which one I should main. I'm just looking for opinions

Exocor's Avatar

12.14.2017 , 04:40 PM | #2
Shadow/Assassin is the Master Race!
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Vanilleawre's Avatar

12.14.2017 , 04:42 PM | #3
I'm looking to main sage/sorcs from here on out!

LordTurin's Avatar

12.14.2017 , 09:23 PM | #4
Whatever you enjoy playing. Every class (with maybe the exception of dps sorcs) can do every single piece of content in the game, and even sorcs can do almost everything except maybe Brontes and Terror.
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TalonVII's Avatar

12.16.2017 , 11:00 AM | #5
My main is still my Merc. I mean farthest in the story is my Lightning sorc. Redoing my Merc, didn't like how I did it the first run through. Now that I am happy with him just chewing through the story again.

What iike about my Merc is versatility. In group play I can respec for heals and be a decent healer while putting out a bit of dps. But if you need a lot of damage, while having taking a DPS hit, still can pump out an impressive amount of damage.
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KendraP's Avatar

12.16.2017 , 03:27 PM | #6
If you're looking for current favorites...
Dps: fury mara/concentration sent
Healer: sage/sorc
Tank: shadow/sin

However really you should run whatever appeals to you. My main is a guardian tank, always has been always will be.