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My wife wants a "Clicker" class to lvl with me

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My wife wants a "Clicker" class to lvl with me

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11.16.2017 , 01:37 AM | #11
In pve, having a companion more or less offsets how click-friendly or unfriendly a class is. So you can mostly play whatever sound fun, your companion will pull the extra weight if set to whatever mode you need supported.

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11.18.2017 , 06:00 AM | #12
Quote: Originally Posted by Letsjet View Post
"A man..." Really? You are going there? It's not like she is a dog and I should teach her a trick. She just wants to have fun without any learning curve, she doesn't give $hit, and she just wants to click. She just thinks whack-a-mole is more fun than faceroll
Despite that comments obnoxious tone, it does have a point. the game is infinitely more enjoyable if you learn how to use hotkeys.
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11.18.2017 , 06:14 AM | #13
Quote: Originally Posted by Asaxor View Post
A man should take the chance to teach her how to properly play a toon instead of letting her get used to the degenerate custom of clicking. It's not like keybinding is hard, you just have to practice until you're used to it which only takes some time.
Perhaps that wasn't the best way to phrase that, but it seems others have already covered that.

Clicking is totally viable, at least in regs. No reason she can't dominate leaderboard while clicking. It may be heresy around these parts but it's the absolute truth.

That said there are definitely some specs that are much easier to click-play than others. Arsenal merc and the Commando equivalent or Sage/Sorcs for healers are probably two of the easier classes to play without keybinds. If she's going DPS I'd recommend ranged over melee, as melee is a little more demanding with positioning and targets that won't stand still...which might make it hard to get the most of a melee spec if you're also trying to frantically click.

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11.19.2017 , 05:41 PM | #14
Quote: Originally Posted by Opiklo View Post
any class can be played as a clicker... just takes good interface structure...
but i would suggest to take a healer or dot sorc/sage or burst mando as they dont have that high apm, they are ranged and are pretty easy to play
Healer is a bad idea. You have to be able to react quickly. Some kind of ranged DPS is the best option.

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11.20.2017 , 02:41 AM | #15
Quote: Originally Posted by Bitskrieg View Post
Some kind of ranged DPS is the best option.
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11.20.2017 , 05:12 PM | #16
Quote: Originally Posted by KendraP View Post
Outside of abilities 1-5 I click too. And I do just as good as anyone in the game on guardians. But then I'm no man either.
You also play a guardian
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11.20.2017 , 05:50 PM | #17
Well, how fast can she click exactly?

Depending on what you do, having a sorc healer may be the best option if you only play together and don't do OPs or PvP where it matters that you use keybinds.

Like if you're only leveling together and don't do stuff where people would flame you, dps sorc or sniper can also be clicked.

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11.21.2017 , 11:59 AM | #18
Guardian/jugg, Vanguard/power tech sage/sorc(telekenisis/lightning) are all pretty much smash button.
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11.21.2017 , 12:35 PM | #19
tell her to keybind. it's not rocket science.
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11.27.2017 , 11:23 AM | #20
Ain't no shame in clicking.

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