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Best/Fun PVE Specific Class disciplines

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Best/Fun PVE Specific Class disciplines

Eoshadow's Avatar

03.22.2017 , 09:02 PM | #1
Just wondering what everybody thinks are the most fun disciplines to play under each class and why. Opinions welcome!.
There is a lot of info on which are the best for PVP with highest DPS etc. But what about PVE in 5.X for those that don't do PVP and don't need to spec for it?

Just using Gunslinger as an example. Dirty fighting gets the highest gunslinger DPS, but in some cases in PVE I felt like Sharpshooter (which gets the lowest DPS) seems to work better in some situations (could just be my unskilled play style and the fact that the gunslinger is not max level) and seems like I burn energy less quickly.
charged shot - Aimed Shot - penetrating rounds seems to take less time than
charged shot, Shrapnel, vital, hemorrhaging, Wounding, speed shot, with more cast duration thought the amage output is higher. Wounding shots does look cool, but then virtually ever ability of significant damage is just unleashing a 3 second barage of shots at the enemy with slightly different appearance and effects

But would like to hear everyone's thoughts on all the classes.

I have also found AImed shot to be useful since it can ambush/snipe down some ( I don't know what to call them) the npc's that call in reinforcements before they have the chance

Also some of the utility skills seem like they favor PVP more and have less PVE relevance. 25% on sweeping gunfire might actually be useful when mowing down mobs enmasse given the amount of damage.

SteveTheCynic's Avatar

03.23.2017 , 02:58 AM | #2
Caveat lector: I define "PvE" more broadly than some. It is more than just Ops, Fps, and Ups. It includes ordinary questing, hunting HK droids, class stories, etc.

I'm going to comment on just two, with a peripheral comment on which class for one class pair.

Sorc: for fun, pick Lightning. Easily the best animations in the game. Also, imagery of lightning is a recurring theme in the class story, so it's a good fit there.

Commando: I really enjoy Gunnery as a discipline. I know its rotation well, and that allows me to concentrate on playing rather than on working my rotation.

Consular: Shadow doesn't fit with the fairly "out in the open" nature of Chapter I and II especially. The evidence for this is no longer actually in the game, but goes back to the "Advanced Class Trainer" NPCs who would tell you about your available choices, when what are now classes were called Advanced Classes.
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03.23.2017 , 03:37 AM | #3
When we're talking about leveling or doing heroics, I like vengeance/vigilance a lot. Especially after you get the utility that resets leap/sabre-throw after exiting combat. Chain-pulling ftw! And the built-in immunity to stuns/knockbacks after leap makes dealing with those "we stun you right off the bat" mobs a lot less annoying
Recently I also enjoyed deception/infiltration a lot. The utility that resets your phantom-stride when the enemy dies within 10 seconds is probably my favourite utility for stuff like heroics/flashpoints/uprisings. Phantom-stride -> discharge -> assasinate -> phantom-stride -> discharge -> ball lightning -> phantom-stride.... so much fun to warp around the battlefield like this

Quote: Originally Posted by SteveTheCynic View Post
Sorc: for fun, pick Lightning. Easily the best animations in the game.
I strongly disagree with that one. (the animations part that is). Sorcs have exactly 2 cool animations, imo: force-lightning and force-storm. One is the generic AoE shared by all disciplines the other one is not actually part of lightning spec (wirdly enough... you know, lightning-spec, force-lightning... ah whatever... )
And thundering blast gets my gold medal for worst animation in the game... at least before 5.0 (looking at you pt)
Telekinetics animations always looked much more fun to me (probably has something to do with the sounds as well).

But that's peronal taste of course (thank god )
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Yezzan's Avatar

03.23.2017 , 04:16 AM | #4
Fun is subjective, so, it depends on what you want to achieve with the class.

There is not much in terms of fun, people just care about which class is doing the most damage. Case in point, changing the animation of master strike/ravage and replacing disturbance (best animation of sages).

Anyways, for PVE, you are better off with a class that can stealth. Shadow/Sin is still the best, in my view.

Every class has something unique:

Vigilance/Vengeance - best animations of all the Guardian /Juggernaut specs. Mad dash, force push and force leap can help you to close a big gap. needless to say you take short-cuts by leaping to NPCs in out-of-the-way places.

Deception/Infiltration - stealth, stealth res, KB, ability to incapacitate 3 targets (via utility - looks awesome), gap closer with stride.

Telekinetics/ Lightening - great for clearing trash, can resuscitate a fallen comrade, off heal, KB, incapacitate 3 mobs, force speed, decent animations (most fun spec with good animations in my view). if they had a way to become immune to mob aggro, I'd main one.

Carnage Marauder - if you want to feel like a ****** Sith.... go carnage.

IIIDeathGripsIII's Avatar

04.02.2017 , 11:31 AM | #5
The most fun: sorc, sniper, assassin, pyro. oeprative

It's unfortunate I really like operative, sorc, and pyro but yeah...class problems right now. (op is great pve terrible pvp so ruins it for me since I want to do all things..)
As far as best: Sniper, Merc, Operative

Cuiwe's Avatar

04.02.2017 , 01:05 PM | #6
Depends. I mostly solo stuff, so your inquiry would very well be differently received by a guy who does group stuff. With that said, I like mobile, plan A, B and C kind of disciplines. I also like disciplines which actually make me feel powerful rather than tearing down an enemy with DoT dps and the like. I also quite like simple stuff. With that said:

Guard: Defence = Focus > Vigilance
Sent: Concentration > Watchman > Combat
Sage: TkT > Balance
Shadow: Inflitration > Kinetic > Serenity
Commando: Gunnery > Assault
Vanguard: Plasmatech > Tactics > Shield Spec
Gunslinger: D.Fighting > Sharpshooter > Saboteur
Scoundrel: Ruffian >= Scrapper


Guard: Defence is idiotically strong. Its Guardian Slash has the damage of late Master Strike over ONE GCD and it damages up to EIGHT enemies...***. Overall, it's a pretty fun discipline no doubt about that. Prior to 5,0 I'd put Vigilance above Focus, but I can't do that anymore(imo, Blade Barrage sucks and that's very visible in Vigilance). Plus, Focus is like a Battlemage and I like that.

Sent: I quite like Concentration and especially its 5,0 version. I haven't historically liked it but there's something...intuitive about its 5,0 design. Every time your resources go down, yet another form e-management becomes available-quite nice. Imo, the dumb-down of Master Strike actually helped this discipline feel less jagged, more dynamic if you will. I've traditionally respected and liked Watchman and I do now as well. Combat, although it used to be fun, got stupid with 5,0 imo. I don't like it one bit.

Sage: TkT is like playing SF with Ryu, what can I say? Very versatile, very energy friendly, very intuitive, active just at the right amount...too bad its numbers got halved(or something) in 5,0. Balance is good too, but is kinda boring imo. Plus it has energy management issues. They haven't changed much in 5,0, although I don't like how BW is trying to forcefully push Project onto the TkT discipline...

Shadow: Infiltration is like bee's knees right now. It's like super sexy. Ever since it got its version of Zealous Leap, it became quite wonderful. I mean, I was always at least fond of Infiltration tbh. Now it reached its zenith tbh. Good changes there. Kinetics remained where it was(imo) so it gets a second place(tbh I don't care about it much) and Serenity, what with all those nerfs and the shortening of abilities down to 10m simply feels so...wrong. It's not that is unplayable, it's feels wrong.

Commando: I'll always prefer the simplicity of Gunnery to uber forcefulness and complexity of Assault. So, there's that.

Vanguard: Not a single discipline of Vanguard's feels ok in 5,0. So, I ranked it based on my own preferences and gameplay styles of Vanguard. If you ask me, the discipline that suffered the most from 5,0 gutting of Vanguard is my most beloved discipline(perhaps in the game): Plasmatech. So, **** everything. I can't talk about this, it gets my angry.

Gunslinger: 5,0 GS is like 4,0 GS ++. I mean, they even revitalized and utilized Blazing Speed for something(and what a nice idea to boot!). I like every discipline there, but D.Fighting...a very sexy combination of simplicity and effectiveness. Well done.

Gunslinger: Tbh, I was always more partial to Ruffian(it had historically more range) and 5,0 it holds even more water. Idk...5,0 Scrapper feels very off to me. Not to mention how much more effective in 5,0 Ruffian is. I like these changes, but am not certain why Scoundrels needed Bushwhack tbh. It'd be nice if the dotspread of Ruffian's got moved to it.


1. Infiltration
2. Concentration
3. D.Fighting
4. Ruffian
5. TkT
6. Defence
7. Gunnery
8. Focus
9. Sharpshooter
10. Watchman
11. Kinetics
12. Balance
13. Scrapper
14. Tactics
15. Saboteur
16. Vigilance
17. Shield Spec
18. Serenity
19. Plasmatech
20. Assault
21. Combat

My favorites(from awhile back):

1. Serenity
2. Plasmatech
3. Ruffian
4. Vigilance
5. TkT
5. Gunnery
6. Watchman
7. D.Fighting
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JLazarillo's Avatar

04.05.2017 , 08:46 PM | #7
As others have said, fun for me is also not just about being the "strongest", but a playstyle I enjoy, as well as looking good while doing it. For example, the mechanics of Deception/Infiltration are extremely exciting, but the animations are just so silly that they kinda ruin the spec for me. I also dislike the style of many specs that involve equipping a certain weapon but then never using it (Sages, Sorcs, and PTs are the worst offenders here, but certain specific Disciplines like Concealment Operatives are also on this list). And, of course, that all said, I don't like feeling "weak", either, which makes certain other specs harder to enjoy. Another part of "fun" factor is getting full control over choosing the how and when of my battles, which means for me, Stealth is all but a necessity.

Sort of by process of elimination then, my favorite Discipline to play is also that of my main: a Ruffian Scoundrel. It's got pizzazz, it uses a weapon for more than ornamental value, and it can hit like a mack truck.

Honorable mentions go to Lethality Operatives (mechanically equal, but not quite as cool looking), Serenity/Hatred Shadow/Assassins (having stealth and style, but lacking in punch), Defense/Immortal Guardians/Juggernauts (a fun change of pace playing a tank, but lacking that critical Stealth element), and Gunnery/Arsenal Mercommandos (similarly, no Stealth, but fun to pewpew with).

assatrap's Avatar

04.06.2017 , 03:13 AM | #8
I also do only pvp. But when i pve..occasionally ops i only play anni mara. Something extremly satisfying about the up and close personal style. Melting enemies with mara. Very mobile and fast, extremly high dps, good aoe and mini stealth in the form of vanish.

Menaur's Avatar

12.19.2017 , 12:48 PM | #9
Commando assault + Merc io - cause gunnery/arsenal are so boring after a while. Merc io = most satisfied class.
Pre 5.0 i have to say Vanguard tactics are a very fun spec.

UmiTaka's Avatar

12.20.2017 , 10:50 PM | #10
Sith Juggernaut- Immortal is pretty enjoyable if you're really going for a Darth Vader-type feel, it's pretty satisfying to Force Choke someone and then leave them to that while you Ravage the poor unfortunate's equally-unfortunate friend.

Also fond of Sith Assassin/Scoundrel, especially if you've played through a couple times and don't want to engage EVERY single enemy in your path, having stealth's a good option to get through it, and when you do choose to fight it's fun to shoot some unsuspecting NPC in the back of the head with a shotgun, or lift them into the air and stab them.

Still, Sith Sorcerer is my favorite, for reasons covered previously: Lightning is flashy and cool and fits with the rest of the story cinematics.
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