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Update on Ability Delay from Georg

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Update on Ability Delay from Georg
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07.28.2013 , 02:05 PM | #621
Now, if they could only restore the damage from an ability to apply AFTER an animation finishes then we might be getting somewhere.

I understand why they changed seems that some PVP folks didn't like the fact that others could avoid their damage in that split second that it took for the animation to finish. But that is how some specials are designed...with some sort of short or long buildup.

But to apply damage first to flagrant "in the air" animations just ends up looking plain silly IMO. Timed abilities should have the amount of time it takes to finish the animation reduced, not have the damage presented before the animation even fires IMO. It ruins the integrity of the entire animation process.

Just my opinion naturally. One of the worst changes they made IMO.