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If you could do anything.

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02.08.2019 , 11:40 AM | #21
Quote: Originally Posted by Ardrossan View Post
Have you seen what children look like in this game? Even if I wanted my characters to have children - which sounds like an awful mechanic no matter how they do it - I definitely wouldn't want children that look like anime-like soulless abominations. And that pic is probably the best looking of the bunch; the ones from the gree water plant mission [which i can't find a pic for] legit look like tapping the water line changed them into mutants. If I could do anything, I would add a line where our PC can hypothesize that this is the origin story of cthons. It would work especially well for a consular.
Yeah, the current "children" in the game are just shrunken down adult body type 1s with bigger eyes. Creepy AF! But if I really could have ANYTHING I'd want them to put actual children in the game and not...those things.

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02.14.2019 , 04:56 AM | #22
Quote: Originally Posted by Ardrossan View Post
These two especially. It was bizarre on Iokath when I suddenly had to side with Acina because the Republic were sort of the aggressors.
I chose Acina so far for multiple reasons.

1. The republic betrayed me. Their true leader tried to kill me, and their official leader is not willing to join forces.
2. The Empire are officially allies.
3. The Empire helped me out on Voss. Which is infinitely more military act for my cause, than the Republic did.

It's like. These bastards are sitting idly while i save their asses, then they expect me to join them over someone who actually did something for my cause? Well hell no. Beside Lana got a point. The Empire are officially allies. If i betray, them, then all other ally will be in doubt. How long will it take until i betray them too?

Though i chose the Republic on the long term effort before Ossus. I still prefer the Republic over the Empire despite their leadership, and because the Empire are clear agsressors there.