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Watchers are Recruiting!

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05.15.2019 , 02:41 PM | #1
<Watchers> is recruiting. We're an RP/PVP/PVE/Conquest sect of Force Users/Non-Force Users adhering to the command of the Force. Original Code/Philosophy/Idea. Non-RPers welcome too! /w Medenia to join. 10/15 Flagship. 9/9 Stronghold.

Server: Darth Malgus EU
Discord: (All are welcome, non-members get the designation Allies/Enemies Tag)
Who To Contact: Medenia (no alt codes)

Guild Ship: 10 / 15 Rooms Unlocked
Guild Stronghold: 9 / 9 Yavin IV Unlocked

As the Force is balanced, we strive to ensure there is balance in all things. Jedi vs Sith = the conflict must be eternal, for darkness cannot exist without Light and vice versa. We don't believe in one side annihilating the other, nor do we believe in one side lording over another. Watchers are every bit of the word the secretive sect is named from: We observe, and meddle in affairs when necessary to ensure and promote balance. We believe our orders derive directly from the Force itself, foretold through visions and meditation by the Grand Overseer and the rest of the Chamber of the Overseers. As we are servants to the Force's will, we operate in both Imperial and Republic space. We are known as Phantoms because of our white robes/armor and the fact that we swoop in, do what we need to do at that time, and get out of there. We are exceptionally well-trained and heavily indoctrinated, difficult to break (but it is possible to turn a Watcher into a Jedi or Sith; Nothing is ever impossible). We're very cultish and strict, very specific. Watchers swarm in when we see need to move in. We truly ally with no one and belong to/work for nobody. We answer to the Force.

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05.20.2019 , 03:43 PM | #2
So! A weekly update from Watchers:

- We have over 40 people.
- We're extremely active.
- We've already completed our guild conquest objectives, and had some amazing roleplays.

- I am going to continue working with my fellow Watchers to get them further settled in.
- We just completed our 2nd guild-wide RP event [with tremendous success].

- If all goes well, I'll begin to branch out to the Jedi communities, Sith Guilds, and other RP guilds as I did before and work with them all on future cross-guild and cross-faction events.

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05.26.2019 , 11:08 AM | #3
Weekly Update from <Watchers>!

- We are going strong and pushing forward.
- We are active in ALL areas of the spectum, from RP to PVE and PVP.
- We have reached 100+ members with 90 of those being qualified accounts.
- We have once again completed our weekly guild objective point total.
- We continue to expand outwards.


-- Looking specifically for more level 70 PVPers to help me build a PVP team for the guild.
-- Also looking for more level 70 PVEers to join us in Operations.
-- We are both an RP and Non-RP guild (RP aspect of our guild is very specific, Non-RP is for everyone).

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06.15.2019 , 08:28 AM | #4
Weekly Update from <Watchers>!

-We are still a Repside guild with no Imp sister guild.
- We are very active and bringing in more people who want to be a Watcher.
- We are still active in ALL areas of the spectrum, from RP to PVE and PVP.
- We have been in the Top 10 for Conquests for 3 weeks straight, and getting better every week.
- We have more than doubled our last week's Guild Conquest score!
- We continue to expand and bring in more members.


-- Looking specifically for more level 70 PVPers or PVEers to help us build our PVP and OPS team.
-- We are both an RP and Non-RP guild (RP aspect of our guild is very specific, Non-RP is for everyone).
-- All are welcome, just /w any Watcher or look for Medenia.