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Favorite Race and faction?

urban-Jedi's Avatar

07.09.2020 , 08:12 PM | #1
So just a fun little what is your favorite race to play and on which faction?

Give some reasoning for this.

I will start off my favorite race to play is Twi'lek on republic. I love the Twi'lek race they look great and honestly have some amazing characters in star wars lore in both canon and legends.
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Bxvx's Avatar

07.11.2020 , 12:40 PM | #2
I really like the Sith pureblood race, just have cool customizations. And I dunno if they might have the same voice as others but the ones I have made so far have pretty cool voices. Next would probably be Zabrak then Human just for customization really.

ImputantRage's Avatar

07.11.2020 , 05:57 PM | #3
Cathar. Imperial.

DaZeeZee's Avatar

07.12.2020 , 02:26 PM | #4
Favorite race is human. 2nd favorite, Chiss. Cyborg is just a human with machine bits.