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Marauder Q&A - DPS and you.

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12.18.2011 , 01:47 PM | #1
I''d like to hold a place where we can have thorough discussion based upon the Marauder spec of the Sith Warrior. Hopefully we can keep this relatively troll free, to allow people to come and ask questions and get the answers they need.

I''m hoping this will become a community based guide, to allow people to come to the forums, and get an idea of where to go, how to start. Please remember this is a work in progress, and all feedback will be compiled and added later on.


Q How does rage work?
A Rage works off of certain abilities. Assault will be your primary rage generation source, while later levels will include charge, as well as Battering Assault at level 10.

Q What form for what spec? (Answer below from Eleftheria)
A Annihlation->Juyo
Carnage-> Ataru
Rage-> Shii Cho

Q Where, and how do I learn my (sic)specialization/advanced training?
A After you have completed your class mission, you''ll be able to head off planet. When you reach the imperial station, you''ll be able to interact with Lord Lokar. He will then allow you to interact with Lord Krimyn who will offer you training. It is very important that you choose carefully, there is currently no way in game to change your Advanced training after it is chosen. If you want to have the ability to tank you must choose Juggernaut. If you want to be strictly dps, then choose marauder.

Q Help! I went marauder but I dont have a secondary weapon!
A If you choose marauder you will be given a bag-pack, that doesn''t light up in your inventory. When you open it, it will give you your offhand weapon.

Q I''m attacking, but my character isn''t doing anything / Animations stop.
A A majority of players may have come from previous MMO''s that had a queue system. That is, you''d input commands and they''d execute whenever the next GCD is available. This game is animation based, without a command queue. So if your move hasn''t completed, by trying to to do something else you''ll lose time and more importantly, dps. This makes rotation, and moves even more important, because you can lock yourself out of damage if you button mash. - Edit. From prelaunch to launch, they added in a adjustable queue timer. I''ve found that setting it for the highest value has fixed a lot of my stolen animation / attacks that were being eaten. Which is a tremendous fix. I''ll post where you can find this later.
EDIT You will continue to experience the lag / character lag issues that are plaguing melee no matter how high you set queue. Its a server side problem, and animations will continue to be eaten until Bioware fixes the problem.

Q Whats currently the best end game spec? (This is subjective, and going off what I recommend. Everyone has their own theories. Mine just seem to work better ^_^)
A Currently a heavy Rage build seems to be coming out ahead in purely DPS -PVE content. RAGE2.1 (New and Shiny!).
EDIT For Jugg's Rager! would be what I would use for maximum effect. (free force screams 30% increase smash + lcd)
EDIT I'd be rather ill advised if I didn't point people toward another great thread detailing the other spec's. KIBA GUIDE TO THE GALAXY Remember to always bring your towel.

Q What are my stat priorities as a Marauder.
A Current SEP has Marauders as follows. STR; Accuracy 110%; Crit 30% - Surge 90%; Power. (Edit) Accuracy is your go to stat for bypassing dodge / parry. 110% Guarantee's main hand specials. 115% Main hand white hits.
Currently, I've updated numbers to reflect soft cap numbers for rage. Im still basing crit higher until 30% then surge to 90% after which stack power, due to the nature of the beast.

Q How do I make Vette romance me?
A Vette is a big proponent of getting paid, as well as not bowing to anyone. The more you shock her, the less she will like you. She also loves polished stones / underworld items. In order to progress her storyline, you have to remove her shock collar, and not murder innocents around her.
(1) Update - The current levels of affection for storyline progression with Vette so far are. 1000 - 1600 -2000 -2600. At 2600 I got a quest for the Star. Be forewarned. The end fight is against a 29 gold, with silver henchman. Be prepared with a high end med kit.
(2) Update - I've got 7k affection with Vette, and nothing is happening? Did I break something? Currently companions work in phases. You unlock what options your companion has along with story content. I noticed the second wave of Crew quests after I had become a Sith lord. So if you want to progress your companion, you need to progress your own storyline.

Q What should my rotation be?! (Updated)
A Still working on rotation for end game. The following rotations are for a RAGE build.
(Till 20) (Silver / Gold) Charge to generate rage, then rupture - ravage - battering assault - smash - vicious.
Groups - you''d want Charge - Smash - Battering. (To be honest, if you''re equal level, and using Vette most groups unless they have a silver or gold, should be dead by that point, due to her massive aoe)
20+ Charge+3r, rupture, ravage, battering, oblit, smash - double assault start over.

25+ Charge+3r, force choke +4r, smash -3R, Rupture -2r, Ravage, BA +6r, Obliterate -3r =3r
After this it becomes a priority system for whats available, to what you can use. I've also begun to discount the use of Rupture by this point. If you can afford it cool, but eventually we wont have a place in rotation for it.
Obviously if FC is coming off cooldown, you''ll want to oblit FC then smash
I dont change much from 25+ to 35, as you dont get a new toy until 40.

40+ Charge +3r, Battering Assault +6r, Force crush -4r, Smash -3r, ravage, Assault +2r, Obliterate -3r, BA +6R, Scream -3r, Force Choke +4R, Smash-3r, Then priority.

50 Potential Rotation. Will revise later if everything doesn't work correctly.
Charge +3r, Battering +6r, Force Crush -4r, Scream -3r, Smash -1r, Ravage, Assault +2r, Obliterate -3r, Force Choke +4r, Smash -1r, Scream -3r. =0r Battering +6r, Assault +2r, Oblit -3r, Crush -4r, (Smash as soon as the 2 tick hits from Crush) Smash -1r, (if boss that doesn't stop movement then ) move to 10m charge +3r, ravage, smash -1r (if done correctly will be a 75% imp damage crit smash)

The second round if you are doing a boss, and dont want to clip your Crush, would be a force choke, now, choke is a solid way to generate rage, even if your dps drops in this phase. If concerned clip at 3 stacks.

Now at 40, I've been playing with hitting smash after the second tick from Force Crush goes off. Clipping in this manner lets me get a 3 charge in before smash eats the charge, then ticks to 3 again for the next smash. (You can keep up the buff via ravage) If wondering, just extend yourself out during the duration of force choke, by using assault, or if an abundance of rage, due to missed rotation scream.

When you can, or want to get that extra huge crit in - replace Crush with Choke then oblit and smash. By clipping as I have done so above, You can almost guarantee every smash in your one minute rotation is going to be a crit with at least 75% increased damage.

Q I''ve got this companion, but they don''t really do anything?
A You need to update your companions gear - at around 18, My vette with double rating 44 blasters was tearing through things. Also make sure that you open up your companion''s tool bar, and click on the new abilities. After all, if you don''t enable them, your companion wont use them.

Q Help. I'm always dead! I go down faster then a droid at a Jawa half off sale!
A A couple of things for you to consider.
(1) (lvl3) Saberward. This is your first defensive cooldown, excellent for raising up your defensive abilities for twelve seconds. (3MCD)
(2) (lvl10) Cloak of Pain. The secondary cooldown at level 10 for a Marauder. This gives you a DS(Damage Shield) as well as 20% less damage taken for six seconds. (1MCD)
(3) (lvl14) Call on the Force. This will kick in a HoT (Heal over time) that will tick for a small percentage of health for one minute, as well as restore Saberward. (Requires a companion) (1HRCD)
(4) (lvl26) Obfuscate. Obscures an enemies ability to hit you by 90% for six seconds. (1 AP - 1MCD)
(5) (lvl38) Undying Rage. Sac 50% of your health for 99% Damage reduction for 5 seconds. (1.5MCD -1MCD Talented)

I often times when fighting gold / silver mobs together, solo with my prefered companion Vette will start with an immediate Obfuscate. Followed by saber ward when I'm around 75% health. As Saberward starts to drop, I'll med pack and Cloak of pain. If Im still in trouble I'll use my emergency oh crap button call on the force, and saberward again.
Finally if you need that last bit of staying power. You can always use Undying Rage once you're toward mid game, as an emergency of emergencies button.

In the course of a minute you'll have 24 seconds of increased defensive abilities. 20% damage reduction for 6 seconds. 90% chance of being missed for 5 seconds, and if need be 5 seconds of almost complete damage immunity.
So in a minute time if you really need to. You'll have some sort of defensive ability up for over forty seconds.

More will be added, but please feel free to give feedback, trolls and flames will be reported. Thanks!
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12.18.2011 , 02:49 PM | #2
is there a an ideal dps rotation?

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12.18.2011 , 03:32 PM | #3
Why the rage spec is the best?
~User with poor english lol

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12.18.2011 , 07:09 PM | #4
Yeah I don't get how Rage is top dps. The only thing in that tree that might make a difference is Shii-Cho mastery.

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12.18.2011 , 07:16 PM | #5
What about stat priority of crit vs endurance? Color Crystals seem to be either Crit or Endurance.

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12.18.2011 , 07:23 PM | #6
It's a difference in how you want to play it seems. I haven't seen anyone's build following that pattern really topping me in dps. Carnage is pretty fun and does the job for me.

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12.18.2011 , 08:04 PM | #7
in my opinion annihalition tops the other two trees, - esp in pvp with the self heals and short , huge dps ticks from bleeds - so far always at top 3 damage
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12.18.2011 , 08:58 PM | #8
The Rage tree is currently best end game PVE tree. That's all I posted. I'll be continuing to update this thread more and more, as it's a work in progress.
To answer your question. The Shii-cho Form, with armor penetration, will allow for harder hitting attacks. The problem with bleeds are, we arent a primarily bleed based class. So, with armor pen always gaining in it's value as armor values go up. It helps surpass other specs.
As for Crit or endurance. Always get Crit.
To answer the difference between Carnage, and others. When you're fifty, a similar geared Rage Maruader will be out performing Carnage and Annihilation. It's just the synergy of the tree, and assuming perfect rotation for optimal dps.
Annihilation comes close, but the problem is rupture dosent scale as well as it should, it may be fixed, so the more gear you get, the more direct damage will scale, versus bleeds. Bleeds ignoring armor all together, but the advantage is going to be arp (armor penetration)

I'll get the math done later, but the basic idea for top end damage, is abilities at 50 to their rage costs and cooldowns. However, the other large difference is, is the ability to cumulatively stack powers / abilities. Smash once it's at 4 stack, is one of our best damage to rage abilities. Along with the additional 30% it gets further in the tree to enhance it.

Again. I'll be posting more as I come, and will try to keep up with everyone. But post your feedback with numbers, not just feelings if you can. And remember skill, and managing animations to abilities will also help your damage increase tremendously, due to no current ability queuing.
Go Sith, or go home.
I was once a Sith Marauder; but then I took an arrow to the knee.

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12.18.2011 , 10:06 PM | #9
Really? I thought Rage tree would be the best for PvP due to all the slow-impairing effects + the major crit bonuses. I mean crit is good for pve but the slow impairing effects aren't necessarily needed.

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12.18.2011 , 10:16 PM | #10
On other forums people keep saying power > surge > crit..... Would love some more debate and input on this