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LF Dutch Guild

Husman's Avatar

02.23.2021 , 06:52 AM | #1
As the title suggests, I am interested in joining a Dutch league (either faction is alright). I have been learning the language for a year+ and I would be really interested in passively learning it through the game and playing/chatting with guildmates.

My republic alt is called Ver'lana and my imperial alt is called Bertic. Imperial main, whom I play most of the time, is called Viserys.

Feel free to whisper in-game and under this post. As my country is under heavy lockdown atm and there is 0 nightlife going, I promise my contribution to the guilds' conquest points will be significant).

Looking forward to any and all replies!

Arundo's Avatar

02.24.2021 , 04:54 PM | #2

We are not a Dutch guild but we do have a few dutch people in the guild. We are the Aegis on Republic side. Feel free to check out The Aegis on Republic side @