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Lana Beniko is probably the best character

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Lana Beniko is probably the best character

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09.18.2020 , 04:48 PM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by SteveTheCynic View Post
Fair enough, although you're essentially agreeing that his departure is *conditional* rather than "leaves anyways".
I probably should have left out that particular bit of your post to make it clearer just what i was replying on.

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09.18.2020 , 06:59 PM | #12
Quote: Originally Posted by Goreshaga View Post
Hm, well, sorry, but not to me.
She was good during SoR, during FE/ET, not so much, unless you're a fan of her and want to romance her. It got slightly better during Onslaught though.

She wasn't alone for the rescue, she worked with Theron during the 5 years nap, she was with Koth and HK for the escape and T7 for the rescue itself, and Senya joined too a bit later to save of all us from Knights. So giving her and her alone all the credit for it is kinda unfair to the other people involved.
Then, her being our only savior and champion when playing a pub character romancing Theron just doesn't make any sense, and him not being included at all makes even less sense for a field agent who was able to sneak on the most technologically advanced imperial destroyer for quite some time without being caught and who was then able to kill a member of the Dark Council, who was directly connected to the ship's systems.
If anything he'd probably have been less noticeable posing as a Zakuulan technician sneaking in the carbonite room than a Sith Lord storming in with a Pub Astromech that is very obviously not of zakuulan conception.
It would've made much more sense for both of them to be directly involved in the rescue. Maybe they should've used Theron instead of T7 actually.

Then, her being used where she doesn't belong is quite irritating at times, like her being in your room, watching you sleep when not romancing her and especially when your actual LI is in another room not far away (which is the case if you romance Theron, Koth, Jorgan, Kaliyo, Vette or Torian at the end of KOTET)...
Or her contacting the SIS at the begining of JUS, when there is both a former SIS agent and a former Republic soldier (who both happen to be friend with said SIS contact) in the Alliance that would be the most logical choices to contact the SIS (unless they're dead / exiled, but in that case Lana should only be there if both Theron and Jorgan are not there anymore)...
Why is she also at that point of the story (before Hearts & Minds where you have an option to tell Theron) the only one who knows of your true allegiance over other people your character would trust more than her like their LIs, especially when siding with the Republic, while she kept from our pub aligned character that the SIS has been trying to contact them for quite some times and very clearly wants you to side with the Empire ?

Lastly, her being ride or die no matter how you're interacting with her and looking like she's in love with your character, even when she know our character is romancing someone else, makes it look like her only purpose from KOTFE onward is to be some kind of perfect, universal girlfriend that everyone should romance so that they could get rid of all the other LIs to focus only on 1. Well her being the only LI available to all classes and genders that you can't kill or kick out also points to that being a possibility actually... I really liked interacting with her far more during SoR, where she felt to me more like an actual person with a personnal agenda, than in the later stories, where she suffers from weird writting choices to put her pretty much everywhere because they decided to give kill / exile options on the other characters that could've made more sense than her in some situations without wanting to actually adapt these parts according to the choice to kill / exile the characters or keep them around, and just went in a "they're gone for some so let's use Lana by default for everyone" direction, which in the end also negatively impact her own character to me.
Seems to me like you're being a bit unfair to the character. Apparently, you don't really hate who Lana is, but more so the position and consistency in which she appears. I don't think that a good relationship between Lana and a Pub character is as ridiculous as you make it seem, maybe bc I don't think Lana can be classified as just another "Sith Lord". I never really understood all those "Theron can be killed, so I want to kill Lana too" threads, and this comes from someone who loves Theron. I understand disliking how neutral her character became in KOTFE and how often she appears, but transferring that hate to the character itself seems strange. I just don't get why some people hate Lana so much.
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09.22.2020 , 08:47 PM | #13
Haters gonna hate /shrug