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Gunslingers are the hidden PvP god class of SWTOR.

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Gunslingers are the hidden PvP god class of SWTOR.

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07.21.2013 , 11:01 PM | #61
I read this thread from the beginning and thought it was recent until I saw someone mention Battlemaster gear. This was back when Gunslingers were considered the "weak" class, and when I was considered crazy for loving it so much.

Two words: Flourish Shot
You are the ideal focus target as a Gunslinger. Armor debuff and healing debuff in the same instant cast skill? You mark a target for death fast than any other class. Combine that with a Spinning Kick from a Shadow and you are in business (since it takes extra damage in stealth spec).

Saboteur is my dear love and has been since last March probably. I was exclusively SS, but Sab just rings true now. I love having the longest-range stun in the game, I love the tactical area denial. For the record, I felt 1v1s were very strong pre-2.0, and now they are easy. Stealths that get the drop on us still can wreck havoc, but everything else is pretty straightforward.

I even wrote a post on TORWars "in defense of the Gunslinger" because of the bad rap it had been given. Unfortunately, it was taken down with a lot of other old posts because of virus attacks, but I can access the back-end. To sum it up: Hunker Down, Scrambling Field, and Flourish Shot. Three of the most useful utility skills in the game. Here are some quotes from that article, posted July 24th, 2012.

Hunker Down

Only one class has a tool that is available whenever they need it that gives immunity to CC when used in a prescient manner. Hunker Down lasts for 20 seconds, and in that time, you cannot be pushed, knocked back, stunned, rooted, dazed, or anything else. We are the only class with this kind of availability and uptime on such a useful skill. This skill only has a cooldown of one minute, but it is also on an even lower cooldown of 45 seconds when in Sharpshooter spec from the talent Lay Low.

You are the ultimate Huttball-grabber with this skill, as you can defeat one of the most prevalent strategies, which is to stun people waiting in the middle for the Huttball to pop up right after a score. I have won 3 minute, 6-0 games by staying in the middle and grabbing the ball, passing it up to a teammate on the rafter (pass, pass, pass, score!). Hunker Down can really make this strategy work even better by making it so you are definitely the one getting the ball back.

Scrambling Field

Scrambling Field is one of those tools where the balance of using it too little and too much is on a fine line. On one hand, you could save it "until you really need it" and never use it. On the other hand, it could be on cooldown when you could REALLY need it.

My strategy is, if there are more of them than of us, and there are three of us in close proximity to me, then I use this skill. If we outnumber the enemy, it is likely that a bigger rush will come soon where it will be more useful, so I save it. You will be surprised how effective this simple rubric can be.

Flourish Shot

Flourish Shot is a great tool that is used early in any spec's rotation. It puts a debuff on the target for -20% armor and -20% incoming healing. It is on a very short cooldown, and is not an energy-sink. No other skill of any other class can debuff quite as much in such a short time as this sucker.

Here is the number one reason why I think that Gunslingers are potentially excellent in Ranked Warzones. We are ideal Focus Targets, i.e. DPS teammates should be putting the Gunslinger on Focus Target, then use the newly-added "Acquire Focus Target's Target" keybind to help focus-fire enemies (you can find it in your options).

"Why the Gunslinger?" you might ask. "Flourish Shot," I answer. I would assume that if you are doing Ranked Warzones, you are using some Voice Chat service like Ventrilo or Teamspeak, which makes it easy to call out targets. As a Gunslinger, if I say "my target" and people switch to my target via the Focus Target system, then the target will ideally be freshly debuffed with Flourish Shot. That means that instantly, without any work, the target is more likely to go down. Add to that the crippling pain of the burst damage the Gunslinger can bring. And note the fact that we are away from the action, making it easier to see, thus making it easier to pick targets and see more quickly when new targets arrive. That is a powerful combination.
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07.22.2013 , 03:37 AM | #62
Quote: Originally Posted by Ashuranrx View Post
This is a post for me to scream out how awesome the Gunslinger class is in PvP, because I just need to get it off my chest to share the class’s awesomeness with you all.

I played a Jedi Guardian (first character), then a Gunslinger, then a Sith Sorcerer, then a Mercenary
dude, that is me right now, First I got a JK guardian knight to 55, made my smuggler, felt exactly as you do now, and then plan to make the following characters in that order..crazy.
and going from guardian to gunslinger...It felt like starting DMC1 on Dante must Die! then switching over to easy mode. everything is just pew pew pew pew pew now.

my GS is only 28 but I had to spec out of SS, (I dominated pvp while I was SS though) it seemed nice but looking at all the talents later on, not only did they focus on things I didn't seem to use much, they looked geared towards pve,
then I gandered at the other two trees, saw all the nifty things and benefits and said yes.
I ultimately chose saboteur over DF but I need to test each first before I can truly decide.

that and my smuggler is one of the grand fathers to han solo, so I would want a spec that seems appropriate, alittle bit atleast