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Why is F4 better for turning?

Storm-Cutter's Avatar

07.23.2017 , 07:17 AM | #11
but F2 is good for attack runs and hit-and-fade. But as your experience grows you'll be topping up any bar that needs power- so engines to get close or after a manoeuvre, shields when fire is incoming or imminent, blasters for more shots ( dps) back to shields or engines to make your getaway. - OFC this is more relevant to scouts and strikes, but holds true for bombers and GS as well.

You should be redirecting power wherever you need it at all times, coz there's no point putting it in a bar that's already full and sacrificing one that's getting used up. F4 is power to all three systems, which is useful when you need it in all three, but probably less use than constantly switching...
-Storm Cutter.
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07.24.2017 , 09:10 AM | #12
I'm aware of the basics of power management. My point was that F2's main use (activating it before hitting feedback shields) has been replaced by F4. For my playstyle it feels a lot more effective.