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Let's compare strategies

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06.12.2017 , 08:09 AM | #11
Some of my simple (i.e. actually used) strategies are map-specific. In the Lost Shipyards TDM, the structure at D2 (I call it the "cage" or "D2 cage") near the upper Republic spawn can be used in multiple ways. The typical (and weak) defensive strategy is to mine/drone the cage itself, and use it as a sort of sheltered base. When this occurs, it is very easy to pin the defending team there by surrounding the cage, taking AoE ion shots at everything in the cage, and picking off stragglers that leave the cage.

When spawning from the Republic side, the D2 cage is useful as a sort of sieve. By this I mean a bomber or two can set up some drones/mines as targets within the cage, but no other ships on my team actually go in there but instead set up around the cage or between the cage and the upper Republic spawn. As the most direct route for most opposing pilots to us will be through the D2 cage, basically those going through the cage will be subject to any mines/drones we have in the cage, and those who make it through can get picked off by my team as they do so. Going around the cage generally leaves opposing pilots exposed for an extended period of time, and only the strongest pilots will consistently flank the cage instead of going through it with success. This "sieve" employment can also be used offensively by teams coming from Imperial spawn points if they can capture it, though this sort of use is vulnerable to flanking/attacks from behind when the opposing pilots approach from the other Republic spawns. The key to the "sieve" employment is that the team using the D2 cage doesn't actually go into the cage (with the exception of the occasional bomber in order to replenish mines/drones) but uses it to trap/slow opposing pilots; otherwise the team using the cage runs the risk of being pinned there.
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06.15.2017 , 07:42 AM | #12
There's the double beacon bomber slingshot, which used to be a thing in the old days.

1st Bomber Full burn then pop beacon. 2nd bomber wait in hangar, then appears at beacon with full engine power, sling-shotting you to the node- Hopefully by then your scouts have capped or are keeping the enemy from doing so.

Though without support it can all go horribly wrong quickly, so it's a risky move- like 'fools mate' in chess, you can leave yourself exposed.

If the enemy are half asleep you can get several bombers close/ behind the enemy spawn points in TDM to massacre them the second they come out of the hangar.- But that's tactics not skill, and can be seen as unsporting.

I'm not much of a bomber pilot, but I have a few nice spots to lay a RSD or MSD, where they can snipe or harry the enemy from a nice cosy cubby hole almost unmolested.

-Storm Cutter.
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