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SR-03 Paintjob Bug Still Exists

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SR-03 Paintjob Bug Still Exists

OscarDivine's Avatar

06.13.2017 , 09:43 AM | #1
Though you can seemingly purchase it with Cartel Coins, if you had bought it before with the OLD ITEM, the unlock did not activate properly. Buying the item again does not allow you to unlock it, and gives you the message "This has already been unlocked on this character".
Oscar Obviously
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Verain's Avatar

06.13.2017 , 09:52 AM | #2
I'm not seeing that.

I still have characters with SR-03 selected on some ships.

What this looks like NOW is, SR-03 is highlighted, and the highlight surrounds the inactive-looking SR-03 box, which appears to be "grayed out", even though it is selected and active on the ship. The ship maintains this setting. If I change a ship that doesn't have it selected to SR-03, it only sticks around as long as I'm on that ship (the preview option).

On a NEW character, I was able to buy it for cartels coins and use it normally.

On Verain (who had it before, and has it selected on Spearpoint), if I go to a ship who does NOT have it selected (such as my Novadive), purchase it, and then select it on the Novadive, it stays set, and I don't get the "you have the unlock" message.

This COULD be because Verain has had this unlock since it came out- that is to say, she learned it normally from an item back in the day before the bug, and used it back then, she did NOT learn it when it was bugged.

It will be difficult to tell if the situation you describe affects characters at random, or only affects characters that learned it in its bugged state.

As an additional note: I think it is kinda BS that I had to pay 240 cartel coins to unlock a thing I already owned. That's a poor bugfix. Also note that this item was never before available for cartel coins: it required the item.
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OscarDivine's Avatar

06.13.2017 , 09:55 AM | #3
this bug seem very circumstantial. It seems to only really affect you if you've attempted to unlock it while the bugged item was around previously. For those who have had SR-03 Active before and have not de-selected it, it will remain on, just as it did before. But for those of us who weren't into paint jobs before and tried it (even up to two years ago) it didn't take, and still won't unlock again unless I use CC.
Oscar Obviously
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phalczen's Avatar

06.13.2017 , 05:02 PM | #4
Related to this bug, I had one of the SR-03 unlocks that dropped from the grand pack when it was introduced with all the new cosmetic unlocks last year. I tried to use it on a toon that doesn't have the paint job already, and it consumed the unlock, but it was still not-enabled in my list of selectable paint jobs. So, fair warning, if anyone tries to use one of these bugged SR-03 paint job unlocks that are old, you won't actually unlock the paint job and you'll still have to spend the credits. However, since these are now purchaseable directly, I took a chance and submitted a CS ticket asking if they could unlock it for me on specified toons that I know I have the unlock i.e., toons for whom the unlock is darkened in your inventory. These would include toons that had SR-03 unlocked before it became bugged as well as toons which tried to use the consumable.

EDIT: GR-05 is still borked with textures as well.
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