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Make Pvp ranked more Elitist/ old chums club, keep giving the Oligopoly power

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Make Pvp ranked more Elitist/ old chums club, keep giving the Oligopoly power

Willjb's Avatar

09.18.2019 , 02:52 PM | #1
That right! Don't fix anything. Like always. Keep giving ops leaders and their chums the power to kick any new competition, so they can horde rewards and rig ranked for newer people wanting to play. I don't think you're good and my old chum and I don't like u, or I don't feel like playing with you ---> he's throwing, kick him at the end of matches. Troll the forums to prevent any real change that can effect your stash, and continue to exemplify how utterly useless and broken pvp and its forum is. Our guilds thank you for your neglect and antisocial screwing of our <community>, that was never seen before in this game until recently, with Solo ranked's new found Oligopoly and pseudo self entitlement. It's a pseudo as its forum discussions. Keep up the good, or I should say, bad work!!!

MandoMetal's Avatar

09.19.2019 , 09:15 AM | #2
Supposedly most old elitist chums tend to prefer terms such as "The Ranked Patriarchy" or "The Ranked Illuminati" when being referred to while they use their nefarious means to suppress your elo gains.

Most of these elites are rumored to be part of the alpha-draconian Anunnaki reptilian extraterrestrial race that can be found throughout every echelon of government and society.

If that is truly the case, the best you can hope for is to surround yourself with as bright of light as you possibly can as they are supposedly weakened by it. Arming yourself with armor and weapons made of teakwood (spears are seemingly most effective) is probably the only for sure way to protect yourself.

But I mean like even with all that they are still shapeshifting lizards that are basically psychic vampires so like what can one even really hope to achieve.
- All-Galaxy Roleplayer

"I may be hetero bud... but I'll blast you with so much KappaPride, it'll make ur gendr spin"

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09.19.2019 , 09:10 PM | #3