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Arsenal Mercs have zero survivability

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Arsenal Mercs have zero survivability

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01.21.2012 , 12:08 PM | #201
Quote: Originally Posted by Typheran View Post
Title says it all for those TLDR sloped forehead types.

first off I love my Merc. I really like arsenal spec... but I hate my survivability. I have a 50 merc with almost a full set of champ gear. If left alone I will top the damage and sometimes the kill chart. But, if one melee person decides to stalk me that round I fall to the 5 to 6 range in both categories.

Arsenal Mercs have zero survivability.

Jetblast you say? well glad you thought of it... it's fairly situational and almost useless. It seems to work ok in huttball, where you can toss people off the ramps, but in void star of civil war? Useless. Sure it will keep you alive for a second longer, but you still die.

Concussion blast? Useless you use Surge first you will be half dead before you cast it. Even if you land it your only option is to run, as they will either break out of it and continue to molest you. The cool down on it makes it unrealistic to be relied on.

electro dart is pretty my in the same boat as con blast, minus the cast time.

Our shield, while minimally helpful isn't helpful enough to save you consistently. (unlike the Sorc shield that make you immune to knock back)

So.. in short, barring a few situational abilities we are pretty much defenseless.

My solution would be for BH to have a blink like ability. Much like mages in WOW. Finally using this jetpack on my back would be cool. I don't mind being immoble to DSP, but I should have the ability to defend myself.
I don't know, I just sit there and turret them down, pretty interesting when they are running around me and I am just turning in my spot....normally I can do enough damage to them and drop them before they actually kill me, except for those dang melee consulors who have that weird immunity thing, but meh