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DJs Mercenary Healing Guide For Dummies

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DJs Mercenary Healing Guide For Dummies

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01.09.2012 , 08:07 PM | #91
Quote: Originally Posted by djinnerman View Post
Alacrity is a nice stat that gives us haste. Contrary to the cause, people deny alacrity as a useful stat because of heat "complication" issues. If you heal right and use the right rotations for healing, you shouldn't be running into much trouble with heat issues at all.
That's nice and all, but even with the right rotation, the only thing you get out of this is more rapid shots.
Firing off heals faster in PvE and PvP is of course better, it lowers that "deadzone" where the tank receives no heals. However it's not the discussion whether or not alacrity is good; the discussion is whether alacrity is BETTER than other stats like crit. Casting 0.1 sec faster is nice, but so is 5% extra crit.

To quote your post:
Originally Posted by TempestasSilva
Thoughts on Alacrity:
1) its a set bonus for us, so Bioware intended for us to like it.
2) Allows me to cast the same #of spells for the same heat Faster
3) Now have more time to spam rapid shots which increases my healing
4) Now am done casting sooner so my heat starts dissipating sooner.
5) 3+4 = more throughput
1. That doesn't say much. They gave Alacrity to other classes that have less use of it too. They put alacrity on a lot of sniper gear, and my sniper really has next to zero benefit out of it.

2. This is nice; but again. There are only 3 benefits you get from faster casting.
a) You can react to burst damage better (mainly pve)
b) You have less chance to be interrupted (mainly pvp)
c) You have extra time to cast.
A and B are valid gains, the question however this is more valuable than say critting. For PvE I'm not so sure; PvP is hard to judge, but faster casting is really good of course.
C on the other hand is tricky. The only thing you can do with that extra time is cast Rapid Shot, after all you are limited by the heat. That does mean more healing done, but since rapid shot is so low healing the alternative of crit gains value relatively.

3. True, but rapid shot is marginal healing. Say you have 15% alacrity which in your rotation allows 1 extra rapid shot. You just gave up 10-15% crit which gives you substantially more throughput.

4. This is plain false. Heat is dissipates while casting too. Casting faster has no effect on heat at all, other than bring you above the 40+ mark faster if you're not careful :P

Quick example:
Say I do 2 rapid scans followed by a rapid shot. Total time taken = 2 + 2 + 1.5 = 5.5 seconds. In those 5.5 seconds I use 50 heat and regen 5x5.5 = 27.5 heat.
Now I have 60% alacrity, bringing the rapid scans down to 1.25 sec casts. In the same 5.5 seconds I can now do 2 rapid scans and 2 rapid shots. Total time taken = 1.25 + 1.25 + 1.5 + 1.5 = 5.5 seconds. In those 5.5 seconds I still use 50 heat, and I still regen 27.5 heat.
My total gain is just that 1 rapid shot.

5. Already explained. It's true, but doesn't necessarily make alacrity wanted.


Not saying here that alacrity sucks and should be avoided. Just saying it's has to be viewed critically and always remember:
You can NOT compare having alacrity to having nothing. You ALWAYS give up something for getting alacrity; be it crit or surge or whatever.
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01.09.2012 , 08:09 PM | #92
Seperate post for a comment on the actual guide.

Nice guide, I think it'll help a lot of people. Personally it's not quite my taste the way you bring it. I kinda prefer things to just be tight and to the point. The funny stuff in between just bloats it too much IMO. I think a lot will appreciate the light weight of the read that way though, so it'll still get my thumbs up.
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01.09.2012 , 08:52 PM | #93
I think were missing something here, Alacrity isn't solely for the purpose of spamming heals, single heals are affected too, and Im sure as hell 95% of Bounty Hunters would kill for a quicker Rapid Scan. I think we are unnesecarily overcomplicating the matter when really a lot of this will come down to personal preference. Some Bounty Hunters will prefer the quicker smaller heals, whilst many will pimp out crit and surge aiming for procs. A major plus for haste/alacrity was always that you can cast and move a lot quicker therefore preventing boss aoe's etc quicker. Time is money!

Both ways are fairly viable with the current content.

I'm fairly sure I will be biased towards Alacrity/Crit gear as Surge seems like a bit of a wasted stat when we cant depend on a crit to keep people up and procs are generally not life threatening if they arent there.

In most instances I have found that not much will do enough damage for you not to keep a tank up who has Kolto Shell followed by Healing Scan and a Rapid Scan.

Playstyle, Personal Preference, Spec and Raid Set-up are all factors to take into account and due to lax talent trees there isnt too many ways you can go wrong.

P.S. Nice to see you got the attention of quite a few people now DJ, keep up the good work

Much Love

Ryka - Mercenary Healer
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01.10.2012 , 02:07 PM | #94
Thank you for your input. I wish more people would think about this stuff and debate it more as we are all better for it. One thing I think you may be taking out of context is my points on Alacrity were meant to go against the people at the time that were saying Alacrity is worthless. I never said anything about its value relative to other stats. My point was simply that it was not a worthless stat and BW are not idiots for making it a set bonus as some people were claiming.

Not @_Nyth, but related to his points:
1) We can stack multiple stats (I know you all know this know this, but sometimes we talk in absolutes like its only A or B when in fact it could be 25%A and 75%B or even 10%A and 20%B and 70% something else). And yes there is a finite amount for you to determine what allocation is best. Crit is great, but what if you stack 80%? That would be dumb. And, with Crit you want surge too. It is all about ratios and priorities. Lets say you already have 35% Crit, 75% Surge, 15% Alacrity without even wearing your chest piece. Which stat should you focus on? At that point what helps you more? maybe none of those and power or something else is better? Someone needs to put together a spreadsheet with formulas form here: (assuming the formulas are correct)
Then you can put in your current stats and play with adding more of each and shifting ratios to truly see what is better.

2) I have seen the argument about only fitting in a measly Rapid shots due to alacrity. Rapid shots does more than just a little healing for no heat, it gets you closer to your next supercharged gas(SCG). So if you can fit one more rapid shot into your rotation, how many more uses of SCG is that in a 5 minute fight? And what is the increase in overall healing output as a result of more time under SCG?

3) I know alacrity does not speed up our heat dissipation, but can it be valuable to change the cast order of our rotation to keep a lower heat threshold especially when you don't need your full rotation because your target is not taking enough damage to warrant it? Also I'd need to think more about "Oh Crap" situations with/without vent heat. How valuable is alacrity then not just in output but in finishing healing a finite amount faster and also in being done and cooling off...does it make a difference? I'd have to think about it more and I am not in the right frame of mind ATM.

So I have asked a lot of questions. Hopefully people will chime in with thoughts and more questions and we can continue to move the discussion forward.

Congrats on the Sticky!

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01.10.2012 , 03:58 PM | #95
@ Tempest

The main reason alacrity is my preffered stat comes from the survivability factor, quick heal and move has always been a successful way to heal especially on bosses that are very mobile.

I cant knock what you are saying at all, without the balance between all stats we will find we are lacking either the haste on heals or the amount we are healing for.

Much Love

Ryka - Mercenary Healer
Officer of <P R I M E> Part of the Prime Gaming Community
Hydian Way
''If it bleeds, we can kill it''

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01.10.2012 , 06:59 PM | #96
I think the biggest debate about alacrity is the difference between being useless and being a priority.

While maintaining a stat pertaining to a casting class, certainly we aim to get to our destination at a quicker pace than we are intended to by default (without haste stats period). In such case, alacrity does not make or break the player, but tweak the efficiency altogether in order to get the most bang for your buck.

The hottest topic I have seen so far is about ratio. While we need to maintain a certain threshold in our other prioritized stats, one cannot neglect other minor details in order to fulfill the entire role of the class. A body would not be complete without a hand and if the minor things are missing, such as fingers, then we are lacking a perspective as a whole in the entirety of a bodily function, such as a human body.

Furthermore, for those of us who have heard of the Golden Ratio are aware of the perfected proportions in the mathematical field. Whether it is physical or astronomical, we are seeing a certain pattern somewhere in the system. Yank out a speck of that area and we have ourselves a flaw.

Now what I am proposing is something to be taken very lightly as this was only a portrait of various analogies, but we can see the possibilities one may introduce to another that may indeed become beneficial. Simply put, is it really all that worth it to focus heavily on one thing or all in general?


Thank you. My heart dropped since this was my dream. I'll need to plan on reiterating the guide to be a little more accurate since after gaining weeks of experience as a bounty hunter, things have been subjected to change.


Thank you for your kind words


I highly value your input and you have made some good points.
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TempestasSilva's Avatar

01.11.2012 , 10:52 AM | #97
I really suggest you read this thread:

To sum up some of the more important points:
1) TOR seems to lack "soft caps". Most stat increases suffer diminishing returns on an exponential scale. Meaning that if I have 10 crit and bump it to 15 (talking ratings, not %) I will get a huge bump in comparison to increasing it from 200 to 205, even though in both cases I raised it 5 rating points.
2) Surge may not be as important as some have suggested.
3) Alacrity is still a question mark.
4) Power is more important than many thought, but more so at high levels of AIM.

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01.12.2012 , 08:09 AM | #98
Very nice guide, it will be interesting to see how BH spans out.

Im currently 32 BH Merc and wanna change to healing once im 35 (dont know why)

I want to share my qbinds for those that dont have all the mousebuttons (i got a Logitech Gx9 mouse so im cool)

Here are some basic easy reachable to use for aoe skills and CC:

Q E R T, you dont need what they are bound too anyways

Some others to overlap this is:

Shift + Q E R T, Im using cooldowns with shift as modifier

For quick usable abilities or something you always use:

F and G are easy to reach without lacking movement.

along with Z and X.

Mount is always bound to Shift + Mousewheelup. This makes me do quick mounting.

Im looking forward to try the BH healing and hope this gives away some help for your qbind section

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01.13.2012 , 09:25 PM | #99
Hey guys just wondering for pvp which relic would you get alacrity or the surge & crit?


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01.14.2012 , 02:16 PM | #100
good guide your spec i think is off. Get rid of heat damping you never use those as a healer enough to matter like maybe once per pull? power shield get rid of necessary evil to maximize your character. Put those points into systems calibrations, intergrated systems for 2% increased healing across the board. seems to me this guide is outdated maybe? missed some obvious stuff.

correct build