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Companions in Onslaught

RiOmkir's Avatar

10.27.2019 , 05:12 PM | #1
This is my first time actively playing during new content releases, so it was interesting going into it blind. For those who played, you will know we received three companions, all of which are returning characters.

Kira and Scourge returned, though I play only a consular atm- so doesn't impact me much. While I would love to have them, it sounds like both will likely leave after this storyline(if we read their little interaction thing, it seems like it). I am guessing only their class PC will be able to keep them.

Do you guys think we will be able to permanently keep those two if we are not a Jedi Knight?

Then we also get Jakarro, a returning character that was previously not a companion or anything. We just interacted with the story and they aided us. I would LOVEEEEE to see more of this- I want to see the consular's original gathered army join him. Hollow Voice for example and his people. I am sure other classes have similar characters throughout their campaigns as well.

and other than that...there is Zenith since we are allegedly getting Tharan Cedrax's alert next update.

Don't know the exact purpose I made this thread, but I was just curious on other peoples thoughts on the situation. Whether we'd get to keep them since recent additions have only returned for their specific class. Also, my Jakarro's interactions is just a check mark and no descriptions. Does anyone else see that?

Shayddow's Avatar

10.27.2019 , 07:10 PM | #2
I would sincerely love to keep scourge on my wrath. I've played thru the whole thing now on my BH and my RT, but my Wrath is still in the middle of KOTET.....

Has anyone recorded the meeting between Scourge and the Wrath? I haven't seen it up on YouTube yet.

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Cythereal's Avatar

10.27.2019 , 08:25 PM | #3
I think there's far too many as it is, and they're almost all superfluous to the story. Except for the occasional plot-mandated companion, they feel utterly interchangeable - just pick your favorite skin and voice pack for your healbot/tank/incurable dot.

RiOmkir's Avatar

10.27.2019 , 08:41 PM | #4
I like collecting them. That sounds weird, but on my main I am gaining as many companions as humanly possible just to experience the game with them all. Companions also don't have to be a main focal point, they make cameos and can contribute tot he story through small appearances.

Shae Vizla(Who not everyone can even get) appears in Onslaught, alongside Gault making a cameo. Jorgan is mentioned. Theron, a killable character, is surprisingly prominent throughout the patch. It just makes the alliance feels larger. Seeing cameos or hearing names of different members, even if they are not with you aiding you in that specific moment.

Zeerastul's Avatar

10.28.2019 , 05:49 AM | #5
I have Kira Carsen on my Consular and Inquistor and I quite enjoy and like that Kira Carsen is now my Consular and Inquistor's companion and I hope she stays with the 2 guys permenantly