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Achievement Fixes?

DAMossimo's Avatar

05.03.2013 , 09:26 PM | #1
Just wondering...

Are we ever going to see some of this mess fixed?
  • Agent Chapter 1 completion (I have 2 agents who finished chapter 3 but haven't chapter 1 ?!? )
  • Jaesa Darkside/Lightside completion bug
  • space mission objectives - missing/erroneous entries (lots that is not able to be completed here)
  • a laundry list of other bugs in the achievement system - too numerous to list here

Or... is this going to go the way of the original codex system where it will never be possible to complete portions of the game without filing a ticket for each and every broken one?

Why even bother introducing a feature like this if it's going to be all half broken and ignored?

Bad form guys. Very bad form.