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Recitle for Ships Needs Improvement.

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Recitle for Ships Needs Improvement.

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05.03.2013 , 05:16 PM | #1
Even though I hate the Space Feature or Mini-Game that they sadly implemented, I must suggest that they give us an option to change the characteristics of the Reticle that we have.

Here is the issue I have.
I play this game in EyeFinity. For Space it does improve the ability to see more of the area around you, but the issue that comes from that is that your Reticle is just to Small. I loose track of that thing when trying to absorb all the info from everything I am seeing. I do not have this issue with a single screen as I am only focused in on such a small area. Plus the Color they chose is just not good. It sort of blends in with things a lot. Mainly Asteroids.

What I would like to see in terms of Options is The ability to change the Size of the Reticle and the Color. So please think about giving us the option to change these two things. It would go a long way in improving the ability to track your Reticle across the screen.

If it was not for the fact that I can not keep track of the Reticle and trying to get it centered back up I would not run into so many Asteroids. It is particularly annoying on Thanium Disruption. The Ships are not beating it is the Reticle that is because it causes me to hit Asteroids while I look for the darn thing.

I know that I only play the Space Part like once every few months and dog it every chance I get, so they probably won't listen to me, but it is sort of ridiculous to see that they did not think of having customization options for the Ship's Reticle. Any ways I thought that I would just suggest this in hope that they could add something to make it a little better.
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