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Two ideas; Cartel Market and Deathmark

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Two ideas; Cartel Market and Deathmark

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05.01.2013 , 07:36 AM | #1
First off,
I am long time Star Wars fan and just started Swtor a few months ago. I love the game. Any and all MMOs have their warts, but I am thoroughly enjoying my play through.

What about different ships in the Cartel market? How many of you out there would buy the millennium Falcon, or Slave one? Even if they were 10,000 cartel coins. People would buy them. Reach deeper into the lore of starwars. We want it all. All the old school, pre-quel you can give us. Load up the Cartel market. I would love to see the market full, page after page of things for me to scoop up with my coins. The choices now are great, we just would like a larger market. Let's go from Kmart to Wal-mart!

After we, the players, reach a high end on the legacy level AND achievements, we all unlock DEATHMARK. For 2 million credits, we can place a bounty on another PLAYER character, put in the GTN, and if a Bounty hunter that accepts the contract gets with so many yards of the player, he is located on the map. The bounty hunter has a special "PVP" dart that makes the player a target for him/her/ group the hunter is in. This would be outstanding gameplay and give the high end players something else to play with.

I hope you consider these ideas, and you agree or disagree please post.
Thank you!