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I need help

ufarax's Avatar

05.30.2019 , 08:11 AM | #1
Can someone list a basic Marksmanship Sniper rotation? And it's utility tree. I do mean basic, nothing fancy. Just a simple, A will cause C to activate instantly, and D will increase energy regen, and B will lower the energy cost of E.
I have not played my snipers in a while (a year or more).

"That's it man, game over man, game over"

Equeliber's Avatar

06.01.2019 , 08:03 AM | #2
Pre-cast Orbital strike-> Pre-cast Ambush -> Adrenal + Corrosive Dart -> (Start here if no pre-cast, so use adrenal
here too) Penetrating blasts -> Sniper Volley+ Followthrough -> Penetrating Blasts -> Followthrough -> 2x Snipe -> Followthrough -> Ambush -> Followthrough -> Penetrating Blasts -> Followthrough -> Corrosive Dart -> 2x Snipe -> Followthrough -> Ambush -> Followthrough and so on.

Replace Corrosive Dart with Takedown if you have Finish the Job proc and the target still has Marked debuff/going to die before full duration of Corrosive Dart (Corrosive dart, in general, should have close to 100% uptime, you get a 1GCD spot between all of your Followthrough sequences exactly every 12GCDs or so; which allows you to throw in a Corrosive Dart without hurting your main rottation).

I hope you get the idea. The rotation is built purely around Recoil Control (lvl44 passive). Read it, understand it, and the rotation will come to your mind by itself.