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New to healing, lf tips

meanken's Avatar

02.18.2013 , 02:32 PM | #1
So, I have been playing my operative since launch as dps, as I have NEVER been good at heaing in any game I have played. This week, I was forsed to heal due to a lack of healers looking for a group for the ilum heroic, and the fact that my other group members were all maruders. Turns out I did fairly well, considering I was full speced dps. So, I am looking to give it a shot. Now, I have 2 qustions

1 Having never played a healer, how do I go about it? what are some general tips you guys can give me?

2 Currently I am in full BH DPS gear. How much of a bearing is this going to have on my healing abilty vs healing gear? should I downgrade to columi healing gear till I can grind the BH coms to get a healing set?

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02.19.2013 , 08:42 AM | #2
1) I don't heal as my main but what I can tell you about operative healing is that your kolto probe is excellent and in a prolonged fight such as in operations you should keep this HoT up on the tanks at all times. Kolto injection is a nice heal but you shouldn't spam it because it's so draining on energy. Always use surgical probe to execute your tactical advantage, and rarely if ever use kolto infusion. Diagnostic scan can regen energy very quickly and you should just spam the heck of it when there is only light healing to be done. Recuperative nanotech is a good AoE but shouldn't be used in a situation where you need to heal a cluster of DPS who've taken a small amount of damage while you concentrate on the tank.

Lastly, make sure you always have your stim boost up at all times.

2) I would stay in your BH DPS gear for now because, apart from some alacrity, your current gear would be much better than columi healer stuff. For gearing just make sure you have alacrity and surge in equal amounts (300 apiece in full BiS), get about 200 crit and then go all into power.
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02.19.2013 , 09:24 AM | #3
- Keep 2 HOTs rolling at all times on your tank.
- Get good at refreshing your HOTs as close to their expiration as possible. You're wasting energy if you refresh your HOT stack when it still has 10 seconds left to tick. The better you are at this the easier it becomes to keep stacks ticking on more than just the tank.
- Keep Stim Boost running at all times.
- Know the fights. If you have damage to heal on people besides the tank you can toss a HOT on them (or your AOE HOT) and let it heal them over time instead of stopping to throw a direct heal on everyone. Unless you know more damage will hit everyone real soon they'll be fine healing slowly. You can also have HOTs ticking on other players if you know they are about to take some damage from a scripted mechanic.
- Try not to use all your TA procs. Keeping one running adds a bonus to your heals.
- Remember that you have Shield Probe and Evasion! You will often get aggro from adds, or mobs that haven't been picked up by the tank. Using those skills early can prevent some damage, which will help keep you from getting in trouble while people get things under control.
- Remember that you have an interrupt. This can save your group!
- Remember that you can still stab things, or drop Orbital. As long as you're not trashing your energy pool, or putting yourself at risk needlessly, there's no reason not to add some damage. Raids are another matter, but in FPs you will have plenty of time.

Gear: What you have is fine. The 2pc PvE bonus is nice for energy management in long fights but it's not necessary. If you want to get a few extra pieces that drop accuracy for alacrity it's a good trade, but your BH gear is fine.

If you have an old Cent/Champ/BM medic set gathering dust that's another story. The 2pc bonus on those shells for healing is pretty nice. Pair it with a 2pc PvE bonus and you actually have a swap worth making. I'd only do that, though, if your friends want you to heal difficult content. You can heal FPs and general open world content in anything.