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Coming Soon!!! Restarting guild (RP and conquest based)

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Coming Soon!!! Restarting guild (RP and conquest based)

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08.22.2019 , 11:52 AM | #1
I am looking to rebuild the guild that I was in for some time. This guild be will an RP based guild that also does conquest. (Conquest will also revolve around RP to some extent.) I am currently working to build out the basic rules for the guild, the guild ranking structure and promotion guidelines so I don’t have a lot of information on that at this time.

The premise behind the guild will be the restructure and coming together of a group of ex patriots. We will be mainly pub side but the story of the guild will revolve around post Knights of story and how those that were part of the alliance or just independents (no outlander scenarios here) or those that were Sith and sided with the pubs post ossus work within, and outside the confines of the republic.

It will most likely be a small and slow build up. But I plan to have an ever increasing guild story that will allow the personal growth of characters within their own story, not limited by the confines of a strict guild structure. The ideas are grandiose I know, but I think I would be a very interesting environment if it gets off the ground.

I am looking to get this fully started after the turn of the month. That would allow us to start the RP of coming together as we also prep for the new XPAC.

More info to come this weekend. If you are interested, let me know here or in PMs.

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08.25.2019 , 06:06 PM | #2
I will begin active recruitment for the guild mid week next week (9/3 time frame). Main guild times will be Tuesday/Thursday from 9:00PM Central to 12:00AM central. This is just to get things rolling as more people join and begin building their stories, more nights and times will open up.

As I want to build this up as an RP and Conquest guild, there will be requirements for conquest participation as well as RP participation. There will be a lot of RP based conquest events, so you will be able to easily fulfill both requirements. No hard and fast rules will be created until post 6.0 conquest is fully revealed.

As this is an old guild I am rebuilding, the guild already has a fully opened Tat SH and 10/15 open on the GFS. The flagship is fairly well decorated as well, so it is already prepped for RP as is the Guild SH.

If anyone would like to get together over the next week to get in a little early to talk about the plan and maybe give some input into what they may like, message me here or send a mail ingame to Kahkashi or Sahn Tai.

Stay tuned for updates and messages as things progress.

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08.29.2019 , 09:04 PM | #3
I have had a few people ask me a few of the same questions so I will answer them here in case anyone else has the same question,

Q: what are the requirements for RP going to be?
A: I would like to have everyone participate in RP, whether in Discord or in game, at least once a week. Yes, we will be using discord for RP as not everyone can be in-game all the time. Discord will be used as an extension of game for us.

Q: what are the requirements for Conquest going to be?
A: As I would like to be able to continue to open the guild ship, the requirement will be 1 encryption per week per player. (We will do commander hunts as well, and those do not count towards your one per week)

Q: Why only one?
A: Because any more than that, and it will turn into a job....and that is not what I envision.
Edit: Depending on how 6.0 does with Conquest.....the encryption requirement will be waived...

Q: You said you have ideas for story arcs, can you let me know something you have done in the past?
A: Ironically, Keith and them already did..... i did a full on story arc around Dantooine, the old Enclave, Pirates and Scavenging back in February. Mine turned out a little darker as a Sith had bound his spirit to a ring and possessed some Kath Hounds on Dantooine.

Q: What sorts of story do you have in mind going forward?
A: I have a fairly extensive back story for my main, the "leader" of this little group, and as part of that, he set out to defend his home, the planet Bunduki in the Pacanth Sector, during the Zakuulan Occupation. In the end, he had a sizable contingent of former Pub/Imps that were from the outer rim regions near there that joined to help him. (Nothing like the massive force the outlander had, just a flagship, a few support ships and personal fighters of those that joined.)

Q: Sounds like the outlander
A: Yes, but I have tried to setup NPC's to take over the lead roles so that my character is not the one everyone follows. If I am the one everyone follows, it prevents them from growing their own story, and that is really what I want this to be about. So many guilds are out there that make us conform to a stringent idea and that takes some of the fun of losing yourself in character away.

Q: There are several posts about people with kind of the same idea. What makes you different?
A: nothing. There are a lot of us that want to be free to be who we imagine ourselves to be. I would love nothing more than to be able to incorporate other like minded guilds into a larger integrated RP Community that doesn't just hang around fleet sippin wine and flaunting their goods. I know a couple of the people that are trying to get something similar started and both are great people.

Q: RP based PvE..... I have been part of that before. Are you going to make people walk around in formation from encounter to encounter in FP's and things?
A: Are you nuts? Do you know how long it takes to walk through an FP? Seriously though. My ideal rp/conquest event would be something like this "Announcement: Enemy Engagement imminent. Strike Team <Name> report to the briefing room." The team gathers, and we RP through a briefing. Once we are done with the briefing, we "saddle up and kill stuff". Whether that is going to Yavin to go through the weekly together as a team, or jump into an FP/Uprising or something together, or to go on a commander hunt and see how many we can find and kill, that is what I find ideal. This allows those that aren't as deep into RP get a taste without being put off by walking from one Tat outpost to another only to find because we walked someone beat us to the kill.

Thanks everyone that has IM'd, Mailed, or whispered me in-game. Hope this helps shed a little light on what I am looking to do. Everyone have a great holiday weekend here in the States. Be safe and see you around.

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09.10.2019 , 11:50 AM | #4
I will begin active recruiting tonight 9/10/19. I was hoping to get started last week, but wanted to make sure a couple of other things were in place before I started recruiting in earnest.

Strike Team PhoenĖx is the name of the guild. As I am rebuilding from the ground up, the main times I am on are from 9:00PM-12:00AM Tuesday/Thursday, and from 9:00PM-1:00am Friday/Saturday....all times are Central time. I will be recruiting in game a couple nights a week, but if you are on and want to ask questions, feel free to message me on Kahkashi or Uthedain Pub Side.