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"Buy Now" button broken

Alzirr's Avatar

08.13.2016 , 12:29 PM | #1
Just now, I wanted to buy 450 cartel coins, and the "Buy Now" under the 450 category seems to be broken. You click it, and nothing happens. It links back to the same page it is on... Boy... you'd think that if they wanna sell stuff, they'd make sure one can buy it...

Baldrix's Avatar

08.13.2016 , 03:58 PM | #2
Yep, same here.

I went around it by changing the page language to German (DE) and that worked.

AllisonLightning's Avatar

08.13.2016 , 05:51 PM | #3
I was able to purchase the 5500 cartel coin pack on Wednesday without issue, use the workaround above in the interim and contact customer service after.

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