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"bioware did a great job at balance" - yeah right

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"bioware did a great job at balance" - yeah right

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12.23.2011 , 08:34 AM | #21
Quote: Originally Posted by mmjarec View Post
so.. what is exactly balanced about a class with max range having higher armor and better dps than a melee class that gets no stealth opener bonus and has the lowest armor.. why play stealth class again?

suposedly giving up armor would imply more dps but i havent been in an instance yet where my damage output wasnt doubled by a sniper sitting there in cover spamming the same buttons.

the only option for pvp survivability is tank spec which makes you subpar tanking and gimps your dps so you are niether a tank or dps because you gimp your damage by going tank and gimp your tanking by going damage

at least give us a reason to go within 4m and actually use melee moves besides enjoying getting CC'ed to oblivion either nerf the spec or buff assasins/shadows because while they might be one of the more represented classes in warzones it in no way implies that the class is anything other than average. arent assasins supposed to assassinate people? thats hard to do when u get knocked back,

kited and owned as soon as you pop stealth.

its nearly impossible to stay within melee range. and i'm sure you will not even read this far then blame my skill or gear, well.. i ahve the best gear you can get for my level and snipers 2 levels below me still out dps me.. why is this? because aguy can sit there in cover with 2x the armor and do 2x the damage... how is that balanced? the only way you can even kill one is to find one already half dead and finish him off.

your flames do not scare me, i am used to them, you know its the truth, roll something besides a sniper and try objectively evaluating the class balance.

"oh i kill plenty of snipers" .. yeah well they were probably afk or noobs.
TL;DR but currently my guildie and I are level 50 Assassins and I will say this: while we have little complaints about the benefits or lack there-of from stealth, we feel as if we are the squishiest class with lackluster dps. Either buff our survivability (He's tank spec, I'm DPS spec - Deception) or buff our burst. Sure, our dps is fine. I do great in PvE and I'm pretty high on the damage meter, if not first in Warzones but it takes me absolutely forever to kill someone while everyone else seems to get kills in half the time and certainly can almost one or two shot me.
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12.23.2011 , 08:50 AM | #22
i'm a dps jugg and have killed snipers/gunslingers in pvp in wz's and wpvp that ganked me just fine.

i've also killed each of every class just fine as dps jugg in more or less 1v1 situtations.

as well i'm aware sins get run speed boosts in combat that should make kiting them more dificult than other melee classes. as well i've even seen qq about sins/shadows being OP themselves.
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12.23.2011 , 08:52 AM | #23
While succinctly addressing these well-thought-out points in a single post presents a daunting challenge, I shall attempt it:



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12.23.2011 , 09:12 AM | #24
Quote: Originally Posted by Kookus View Post
While succinctly addressing these well-thought-out points in a single post presents a daunting challenge, I shall attempt it:

Lol, you funny fatman!
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12.23.2011 , 09:12 AM | #25
My main is a Sorc, but whenthe wife wanted to try BH I figured why not roll a sniper. Afterall they are mad OP right? /sarcasm off.

So I have fun with it and if I catch a player already engaged with one of my teammates I can kill him fairly easy. I usually get a full combo off before he even realizes he's actually fighting two of us. But when someone gets the drop on me I die just as easily.

I had a Trooper looking at me from across the WZ and waving. He comes running up, with me already in cover, he gets in range and starts nuking me. As I am already in cover I start unloading on him. So here we are, Trooper and Sniper going toe to toe. No LOS bs, just straight up unloading on each other, and he owns me.

I'm sorry but Snipers aren't OP. If I catch you unaware and nuke you while you run straight at me or ignore me to keep attacking my teammate, I'm probably gonna kill you. I'm a sniper, I'm DESIGNED to do that. If you get the drop on me and keep me in melee range, you're probably gonna kill me. So where is the OP?
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