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"Calculated" - Empire - Basilisk Droid

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01.04.2012 , 12:28 PM | #1
We are currently recruiting skilled, active and mature players of all levels and classes (lvl 50 prefered though) at this time as the guild is founded recently and we need al sorts of roles.

Calculated Guild Charter - Basilisk Droid

As a guild, we will be dedicated to progressing through the in game content whether it be in flashpoints, operations or warzones. Our goal is to have fun, while being the best. We expect those members that can take the time to run through progressions to stick with it even if we can't clear through the content on the first run. Members will not be required to attend all operations, but those that do sign up are expected to contribute and give their time to that run. Should real life intervene, officers should be notified prior to the run or as soon as possible.

While we will be playing on a PvP server, both PvP and PvE will be our focus. We also realize that not everyone wants to kill those Republic scum ( we will convince you otherwise) or explore the vast story The Old Republic has to offer. The wealth and experience of our members will provide a balance of PvP and PvE for those that want to master either style of gameplay.

Those that participate in group PvP or PvE operations, flashpoints and Warzones should have access to Teamspeak 3. You are not required to speak but should be on to listen for direction from officers as well as the operation leaders. In addition, while in combat Teamspeak should be kept quiet for those leading the operation to inform members on the direction of the fight.


Players should be 18+ years of age, exceptions will be made for mature younger players
Must have access to Teamspeak 3. (Microphone is not required)
Willing to work within a team environment, no lone wolfs. We are a wolf pack.

Raids a.k.a. Operations:

We are not yet raiding with our guild as we created it 2 days ago and we only have a few lvl 50's atm. But we are working on that. Alot of our members are WoW veterans and are experienced raiders. Currently we are more like a social/leveling guild. But as soon as we have enough geared lvl 50's we will start raiding.

Guild Rules

No Drama
No Religion|Racism|Politics| or Debates on who shot first (We all know Han Shot First)
No verbal assaults on Teamspeak
No disrespecting members

The only real way to get kicked out of the guild is for breaking the above rules. As mentioned above, people have lives outside of the game, and you will not be kicked out due to inactivity (unless extreme like 1 year).

Guild Rankings

As it stands right now, there are 4 ranks within the guild, GuildMaster, Officer, Member and Recruit. Further ranks will be discussed and introduced over the next coming months.

Impulse aka BlazedHawk (me)

Missxen aka Bucephalus
Cervezas aka Kel'Thuzad

Operation Leaders

Website incoming soon. We already have a clan website for Team Calculated but that's for League of Legends.

Our TS3 server currently only has 15 slots. But we might improve this when the guild starts growing.

If you are intrested in joining me, you can:
- whisper me ingame (Impulse) or one of the officers listed above
- pm me on the forums
- contact me on skype (karim.weyns)

Thanks for your time.