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Fix swtor

Tolkyyn's Avatar

09.25.2018 , 03:42 PM | #1
I'm pretty sick and tired of doing Random FP's then not getting my "searching for allies" or any conquest points, even when it's the 5/5 FP, because this game is broken. The Help desk just says it's a bug and will be repaired in some nebulous, unnamed, update in the vague future. When will they stop putting out stuff we don't care about and fix all the bugs? Do any of them even play this game?

They are pushing us away. Not only the bugs, but the disaster their new conquest system was when it first came out. Some people in my guilds on 3 different servers simply quit when that happened. Now my own frustration is building so high, I'm on the verge. Why don't they stop pouring their money into a game that MIGHT take off whenever it's finally released (Anthem), and invest in the game we are already playing? Big and flashy doesn't make it in my book. They need to fix SWTOR.