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Hey everyone, I am looking for a 2-3 person RP Group

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Hey everyone, I am looking for a 2-3 person RP Group

jediwarriorrr's Avatar

06.18.2019 , 01:03 PM | #1
Hey everyone, long time vet here.

I started playing the game in 2011, and continued to mid 2014 and always came back to experience the fun for short amounts of time. Recently I joined my first Imp RP Guild, first RP in general for that matter. Anyhow, I loved the experianece so much, I figured I would try on the Repub side due to me being a HUGE Jedi fan and I love everything about them.
Well like I said I have been a long time vet, so I would rather remake a character, so in order for it to be a 3 person RP experience, I would prefer that person to also remake a character with me and start from scratch, the 3rd would be a max lvl toon that would be the master of myself and one other. If 2 person RP, I would love to hear from you guys! I am cool with any server really, so ill let you decide. My link to my discord is going to be Jacobs24 #0158, so add me there, or respond here. I will try and check here every so often for feedback. Thanks, and I hope to hear from some on you soon!