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Ops, merc or sorc

JimmyTheCannon's Avatar

02.16.2013 , 06:23 AM | #11
Any of these are great healers. Don't listen to anyone who tells you any of them suck; you can clear all the content in the game with any combination of two different healing classes. My Merc healer has cleared everything short of EC NiM, and that's only because I haven't tried it yet.

For those who are unsure of Commando/Merc healing, it's the secondary effects of your heals that are the meat of your class. The Kolto Residue buff from Kolto Missile (also, having an AOE heal on a 6-second cooldown is HUGE) is fantastic - given the short cooldown on Kolto Missile, I will even throw that on just the tank if nobody else needs it simply to increase his healing received. Healing Scan sets you up tremendously, particularly on the tank - increased armor, HOT, and a reduced cost on your next Rapid Scan if he's still taking spike damage (or to throw on another player who took damage). You have two instant heals (counting Kolto Missile), one of which is free, and can use Power Surge to throw an instant Rapid Scan or Healing Scan, and Thermal Sensor Override to make either of them free as well (doesn't matter which, comes to the same amount of heat if thrown in proper order).

Is everything off cooldown and you need to throw some MAJOR heals for cheap? Kolto Missile + Emergency Scan + TSO'd Healing Scan + PS'd Rapid Scan. In the time of 4 GCDs you've just thrown a massive amount of healing on a single target, for a grand total of 32 heat - and that's without even using your Supercharged Gas to buff the heals and get extra armor off of Kolto Missile.

The other healing classes are fantastic as well. Obviously I have the most experience on my Merc, but I've played all 3 and they each have strengths that work well together. The Sorc's healing puddle combined with Kolto Missiles makes for AMAZING group healing, and being able to Rapid Shot and Emergency Scan a Sorc who has spent too much Force and needs to hit Consumption several times in a row (shouldn't happen, but sometimes it does) helps him a lot.

The only thing I would recommend against is having 2 Sorc healers on a raid, just because yes, they have to anticipate spike damage and that can be difficult.