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Assassin/Shadow Tank Stats logic/help

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Assassin/Shadow Tank Stats logic/help

NayaruLovegood's Avatar

05.26.2020 , 08:12 PM | #1
Hiya! I'm fairly new to the game and I'm trying to understand the logic behind what stats to go with as a tank but google isn't helping and a lot of threads on here seem to very quickly go into maths and acronyms and all sorts of stuff that just makes my head spin.

Can someone explain the optimal stat setup and why it is what it is? In like, assume I'm completely stupid and need a dumb dumb explanation, way.

eg: I've been advised to basically ignore absorb and stack up shield rating. But my feelings say to go a more balanced approach (some guides say this too but finding anything recent is difficult and none of them explain why to use those stat spreads, without going into algebra). I also don't have alacrity at all and I'm not entirely sure what need of it I have if holding aggro isn't a problem to need faster skills.. There's DPS I guess but my brain says more crit would be better.

Currently I'm at:
End: 16016
Defense: 7209
Absorb: 3194
Shield: 3536


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05.27.2020 , 05:17 AM | #2

this guide contains all you need to know

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NayaruLovegood's Avatar

05.27.2020 , 09:14 AM | #3
Hi thanks I read this guide already but this person doesn't answer my questions as to why they set up this way only they say what things "should" be and what they "prefer" but not really why those are best.

Could someone who plays this spec and has tested different builds provide some feedback please? =)

I use guides as a starting point but I find more than one persons testing, opinion or experience generally ends up with better results than just following someones guide and accepting it as gospel...

LD_Little_Dragon's Avatar

05.27.2020 , 10:16 AM | #4
There is no general agreement on the 'best' setups for tanks, you'll find raiders playing with a lot of different setups. A lot depends on the content you're running and what type of damage you end up taking.

I only dabble with tanking, but am used to checking tank stats because I heal a lot, and squishy tanks need a different strategy for heals. Just remember that you can't absorb anything if you don't shield it first. I've run with a few high absorb/low shield tanks, and that type of build is horribly squishy.

Your current build is good for a full mitigation tank, although a bit more in shield would help. I'd suggest 4000 points, or a bit more, in shield. Absorb is fine, anything over 2500 points seems to work out alright.

If you do any level 75 content (basically just Objective Meridian and Dxun right now), then you can drop some defense for power. The old 'use lethal B mods and high endurance enhancements advice is still good. For the legacy (level 70 synced content) you might as well keep the high defense, since power and endurance are capped.

I've run with some shadow/sin tanks using 5000 shield/2000 absorb builds, or ones who drop a 1000 points or so into crit. I'd say play around a bit. If you're running 4000 or so shield, and 2500 to 3000 or so absorb you'll be fine.

Medium mitigation tanks (3000 or so shield, 2000 or so absorb) will also work well for a lot of content, and sometimes more dps is better than full mitigation.

More crit will help with your damage, which can help keep aggro, so feel free to play around a bit. I think every dedicated tank has more than one build they'll run with depending on content. *keep some critical dps earpieces and implants on hand, it makes it easy to play around with your stats without messing up your main gear.
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06.03.2020 , 10:23 PM | #5
That's some great feedback, thank you! I've been playing healer a bit but haven't been checking these things on other tanks which I will do now to see the variations a bit better. I've been playing around a bit and it does feel much better for me to have more of a balance but a leaning on shield rating so far. Also it's quite interesting how this changes when playing other tanks classes.. Thank you =)