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01.24.2013 , 10:54 AM | #31
Fair enough

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01.25.2013 , 12:05 PM | #32
Quote: Originally Posted by TUXs View Post
No, please...go ahead and offer advice. But if you're just going to try to defend a spammable, insta crit, AoE attack with massive damage, that's not "advice".

Honestly, nobody can reasonably argue that the ability isn't OP. It is MASSIVELY OP. Not the 1 target hit, that's's the fact that it's AoE and can be used virtually non-stop. 2 SMASHERS and any teammates in the area are at 1/2 health (or lower) instantly. That's crazy dude.
Without a guard or using gbtf, my sent can eat 4 smashes without dying. 30% aoe debuff, high expertise. If my shadow sees 4 smashers jumping him they will do 0 damage. Guards are completely stupid if they are standing within aoe range of their guarded - I can't help them: sure it happens to everyone occasionally and flukes happen but that doesn't mean smash needs a Nerf. Whether you are attacking a node or defending one, standing 10 meters apart is easy. If more than 2 of you are capping a door (you can stand almost 10 m apart doing even that) while there's defenders running around you are doing it wrong. If you're disarming and smash attackers are interrupting you with full sing sweeps then they are doing it wrong. If a smasher charges you and starts maneuvering to get multiple targets you can walk away from him (or cc him) - 6 yds is a very short distance to move.

Random situation:
My team got wiped and, as we all left the spawn someone hit us with a mez while 3 mortar volleys landed. When the mezz broke a stun grenade replaced it and half the team died in less than 4 secs. Half their team wiped half of mine and took 0 dmg. They could do the same thing to any 1 or 2 characters at any time. op'd? Naw..
it's not like they ever top wz dmg boards...

Random situation #2:
My team was crossing a bridge in voidstar, 2 sins were waiting and we all died from one button press. 20 secs later the same thing happened again.

Random #3:
I was running a huttball up to the finish line and got pulled into a fire, rooted and killed.

Random #4:
I was in a hb and every time I went in the middle I got stunned and killed by an op/sin team of 4. I literally died in one stun duration - no chance to do anything - the same character would survive 4 smashers and have a chance to escape.

How are your random smash anecdotes different than mine?

if smash got removed from the game because it does the most aoe and that makes it op'd, would that mean the next hardest hitting aoe is now op by definition?

Anecdotes and random circumstances mean very little. Numbers do. The highest single crit only means something if you can prove that smashers are outperforming other classes with similar gear. The numbers I have seen tell me that smashers are not completely dominating dps scoreboards and they die as much or more than anyone and that having a bunch of them on your team is no assurance that you're going to win. If you've got proof otherwise bring it. The burden of proof is on the accuser and so far, outside of "omg I died" stories and declarations like "smash hits hardest and juggs shouldn't hit hardest" I haven't seen much.

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01.26.2013 , 09:27 PM | #33
dp what i do kick em in the nuts

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01.26.2013 , 09:50 PM | #34
What if the smashers have a healer you have to chase after, you don't have ranged or you are trying to take one of the side nodes on CW? All three scenarios more or less require that you move around in a somewhat limited area. No team has the coordination to make sure that their players never are within a 5 meter radius of eachother. A pug team certainly doesnt have it. The fact that people complain about smash is proof enough that people people are getting AOE nuked from nowhere. Isnt that the same reason to why they nerfed the sorc KB knockback into a cone? I had never seen anyone complain about that but the 360 knockback was apparently a huge problem for "unintended targets", this despite that everyone who comes close to a ranged class should be considered an intended KB target.