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Why are tanks being punished for progressing into harder content?

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Why are tanks being punished for progressing into harder content?

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09.15.2016 , 05:45 PM | #51
I'd prefer a bit more endurance too, but of we had greater endurance and mitigation it might make us a bit too powerful don't you think? I mean 100k hp with current max mitigation defense/shield/absorb levels would be monstrous in pve. That being said, I try to keep my dude (guardian) at around 80k hp. In other words, I like so many others, run 224 armoring/enhancement with 220b mods. I have 224 tank relics but 220 vendor inplants. I've heard the crafted relics with 224 implants are ideal perhaps. It'd be nice to try but I'm pretty successful as it is so why go to the effort of finding someone to craft them for me. Plus relics are pretty easy to get seeing as they drop in ev. As is vendor stuff since they come fron crystals.

In pvp I tend to gear max endurance. I'm almost tempted to swap to high endurance dps stuff rather than straight tanking because the skank tanks don't seem to take a ton more damage than me and manage to have similar endurance. But hey my primary job in pvp is mitigating damage from my allies and staying alive. The damage I deal is mostly secondary. Again, if I manage to do more damage than a similarly skilled dps what's the point of the dps?

Summary yeah with the expansion coming out it'd be nice if we got something like what would now be a 224 level b mod. But I don't know how they'd implement it in the current system. Or how they'd manage us becoming too unkillable. I mean we wouldnt want our healers getting bored, now would we?