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Nerf Annihilation Marauder

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Nerf Annihilation Marauder

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07.02.2016 , 10:07 PM | #61
Quote: Originally Posted by WayOfTheWarriorx View Post
I recognize that everyone wants their favored class to be as good as possibly, thats perfectly natural.
Given that your excuse for marauder being the best class in both it's burst and dot spec is just based on its name, you seem to fall directly into this category. Unless you have something regarding viability of all specs in general and a ranking or proposed change(s) that stem from actual information, you're honestly not really providing anything to this thread.
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07.03.2016 , 10:53 AM | #62
Quote: Originally Posted by WayOfTheWarriorx View Post
I'm by no means saying that. I am saying that in am open battle, because of the nature of assassins training [in this case we're using the anology of ninja/samurai], the samurai, who is trained in open battle techniches, that is to say facing an oppenent head on, would likely do better in open combat than a ninja.

Ninja vs. Samurai, in open combat? The ninja would more than likely lose.
They trained Ninja in stealth why? Because they had nothing better to do with their day?
And they taught samurai to fight in armor because it would help them what? Be better chefs?
Read url that i posted.
P.S. And as i mentioned Assassin MUST have better DPS then Samurai. Because Ninja (aka Assassin) kill opponent in one, max 3 strike, while Samurai can fiht for more then 10 mins and still do not kill his opponent.

Quote: Originally Posted by WayOfTheWarriorx View Post
Why on earth would anyone ever want a pure dps classs when a non-pure dps in addition to doing better dps than a pure dps class can also heal themself, can respect to tank, can sneak around etc.
1) You seriously think that DPS can easy respec to tank without gear for it and knowing skills of tank's discipline? This not that simple.

Quote: Originally Posted by WayOfTheWarriorx View Post
How exactly is it fair that a class than can heal itself, or tank, or sneak around, should in addition to having greater options also do better dps than a pure dps class who has no other options but to dps?
Pretty fair, because this class must do something that shouldn't do dd in fight. This "greater options" only work in theory

Quote: Originally Posted by WayOfTheWarriorx View Post
Yeah, thats real fair. So pure DPS classes are outdone in every way including dps than non-dps classes. Makes perfect sence. You might as well just get rid of pure dps classes entirely in such a scenario as they are subpar to non-pure dps classes. They do everything better and can do more to boot. That sounds real fair
Then, if Marauder JUST pure-dps and only reason why you would take in your ops group Marauder is dps, then Marauder shoudn't have X sec stealth skill, Bloodthirst and Predation. Why they need it if they pure-dps?

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07.03.2016 , 11:33 PM | #63
I actually don't abide by the philosophy marauders and snipers should do MORE dps than the others due to them only having dps trees.

In any situation, having only dps trees assuming you master the class as a whole can be turned in an advantage as they will have three damage spec with their different pros and cons, and you can change spec depending on the incoming fights, assuming all three are worthwhile, vs other classes having 2 choices.

As a previous poster mentionned, its not that easy to switch from heal to dps, altough its still easier than switching from tank to dps. Still will require you get 2 full set of gear at worse, and all the new set bonus at best.

But mostly, in high end raids, most team members will be prolific in more than one role, but may not have the level required to clear really harder bosses or difficulties outside their main roles. I for one am a very good dps, but a decent tank and a passable healer. No one will clear NiM with a "decent" tank, no matter how much I can faceroll tank SM content or get a team of unbelievable bads through an HM FP. I know how to get threat, I know how to use DCDs, but I've seen really great tanks and played with them that makes me know I'm NOT a great tank.

So in the mindset I'm dpsing for an end game raid team with a class that is able to heal great (and my rpds main fall back IS my sorc) is about as useful as shoes for a guy that got both legs cut off.

So in my books, people claiming an advantage is due because its a "pure dps" class are just as wrong as those saying its "OP because its insanely high on the dummy".

Classes that bring off taunts and off heals are nice, but also normally mostly considered as not that useful. In some situation, it can gives the HOPE of a salvage, or makes thing a tiny bit smoother, but it wont be a game changer. Also, those classes bring overall less utility, often only ONE raid buff outside their "off spec" moves (heals for heal spec able classes, single target taunt for tank-spec able classes). Snipers in this regard could probably use something alongside their ballistic shield, but tats for another thread.

So a main role most not be mixed too harshly with utility, because if a spec is unable to correctly fill its main role in average circumstances, no matter the utility toolbelt you give it, its never gonna be enough to be worth bringing and taxing the other members of the group with the extra workload.

In short, its not because sorcerers have a strong heal spec that its "deserved" if they nerf their dps spec to dusts just so haters can "feel better" about their own classes that are not correctly balanced.

Currently, the spec over performing in sustained dps are arsenal and carnage, mostly, altough I'd advise at waiting before condemning carnage, many people use aoe to get the top ops parses on parsely, but still, its a bit too high for a burst spec that does 50% or so of its damage in 3 seconds windows every 12 seconds. And neither by a very huge margin, just enough to be noticeable that those two come up a lot. Very possibly nerfbatting arsenal like MM would ruin it equally.

Annihilation does good figure, certainly, but not to the point its crazy OP, but to the point its worth it to bring it along rather than another rdps, sustained or burst. In some very static fights its going to top the charts, but they are mostly older bosses, the new one typically involve a lot more mechanic and movement than EV or KP did at launch.

I've played a lot of MMOs before, and in MANY of them melees were thrown away totally because of that "dummy equalizing" mindset that the devs were convinced off.

So currently?

Annihilation is right were it should be. Its a good melee sustained spec, it has very high damage assuming its allowed to keep hammering at its target. Its good a good utility belt, and good DCDs, both softer on shorter cooldown, and harder DCDs on longer cd, to alleviate the fact its exposed in average to more damaging close range mechanics rdps don't have to care about. However its not very good at bursting something down, and it is also a bit trickery depending on what is up to switch target.

So assuming a switch to an add you have to burst down is coming, you'll mostly be lowering your dps a lot in the few seconds before it is expected to spawn to make sure all your hard hitters are availaible to at least gives a bit of "burst".

The issues of the pve game balance goes toward some spec, mostly mdps, but some rpds as well, that are not competitive enough in a raid. Trying to point out annihilation marauders as the boogeyman because one beat your dummy score, or someone in it beat you on a particular boss doesnt mean crap.

In a perfect world, you'd see a spec doing particularly well in some bosses, than another doing better suddenly on another type of boss, and the first few position switch on various bosses. And, I think mdps specs in average should score a bit over rdps and sustained over burst, and classes be adjusted individually for their various pros and cons to achieve final balance. But in any setting, the difference in average between first and last specs in actual ops fights, should not exceed a few %, giving at similar gear level, a good chance of a very good player of the "bottom spec" to top the dps chart when the "top spec player" made a few small mistakes.

Obviously, additionnal challenge also comes from the fact a game mode like PvP does no ask for the same strenghts when balancing, and since they seem stubborn into not changing the values/ effects of some abilities when used vs a player or a computer-controlled opponent, we're always going to see fixes to one type affect the others.

Like annihilation being currently pretty bad at pvp, and fixing it would create a PvE monster.