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List Classes in usual Highest DPS by class as of Aug 29, 2015

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List Classes in usual Highest DPS by class as of Aug 29, 2015

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10.01.2015 , 04:50 PM | #21
Quote: Originally Posted by TACeMossie View Post
That and commandos do slightly better than mercs + gunslingers do slightly less than snipers, because there is no 204 offhand to boost their damage - A sniper rifle/assault cannon does the same amount of extra weapon damage compared to a pistol to make up for the offhand, assuming the same gear level - so if the mainhand is higher rating, the sniper/mando has the advantage, but if the offhand is higher rating the Slinger/Merc has the advantage
That's an interesting point, kwerty, but it is slightly counter-balanced in the slinger case by the fact that >100% accuracy (basically an inevitability due to quantized gear) and, more significantly, Illegal Mods substantially favor gunslingers over snipers. I doubt it's as much as the 204 vs 198 differences in the basic attack scaling, but it's there. On even gear footing, gunslingers should always out-parse snipers on average over time.
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