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Question for fellow tanks...

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Question for fellow tanks...

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05.19.2015 , 03:51 PM | #21
There's a lot of cut-and-dried answers in this thread, so I'm going to come in and muddy the waters and say that all these answers have merit, and none of them should be followed faithfully.

For me, how I react to DPS (or even healers) behaving in ways I don't expect is very situational. People get used to doing things a certain way, and change is scary, man. Just because I do things in X way doesn't mean that Y way isn't better, and maybe what they're doing is something that works better, and I simply don't know that. I've learned some useful things by not automatically assuming that what someone else is doing is wrong, and not simply different.

I generally try to talk to them first, and how I react keys off how they respond. If I get the sense that they're either inexperienced and willing to learn or experienced and willing to share their insight, I'll stick with it. If they're a jerk about it, then I might respond in one of the jerky fashions (letting them die, quitting the group, votekicking, etc.)

Just beause tanks are the holy grail doesn't mean we should expect everyone else to do things our way or the highway. That's the kind of attitude that will make me ban a co-tank, and damn the consequences.
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08.26.2015 , 12:51 AM | #22
I don't mind DPS pulls in tacticals, they are so easy anyway. I can't say many people do this in HM FP or OPS often but if someone does it too much I will just let them die. I find if I pull very quickly they don't have a chance anyway, just make sure you have rocket boots and they wont have a chance to ninja pull!