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why gods of the machine rarely form in fleet?

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07.07.2018 , 08:54 AM | #151
I think it's funny that you can sleepwalk through the class stories these days, yet both VOTMG and several FE/ET chapters actually require you using your brain.

-All of Vaylin's fights require tactics
-So does the final boss of Eternal Throne
-The Dragon's Maw requires paying attention
-Tyth is easy, but the twin sisters require paying attention

I've only done the first two bosses, but I've watched videos for Nahut, Scyva and Izax, and I can easily see why raiders want TS at best, or someone who's already done it. I'd love to complete the operation, but it's usually up either on a day I'm working or the daily CXP bonus is planetary missions or flashpoints.
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Vaylin deserved better.

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07.07.2018 , 11:22 AM | #152
Quote: Originally Posted by AlrikFassbauer View Post
Two things :

- Lack of explanation in-game by the devs.
- Training. Current gaming meta is action games, no brain included, please, except for kill farming. Blizzard started this fashion long ago with their Action-RPGs. None of these trained gamers would touch D:OS with a ten-feet-pole.
What "the industry" did can be seen on the meta level as some kind ofysocial experiment : Train their reflexes, train their greed, but don't train their brains.
Because it's what ppl want, if you increase the difficulty then ppl don't do them.

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04.29.2019 , 08:28 PM | #153
Mostly because once people get to the Sisters after picking people up off the fleet street, they realize their time would be better spent doing the chores they put off to play this game.
Several of the Story mode ops are hard, but Gods is on the border between story modes and actual hard modes. Tyth is easy, but the difficulty goes 1 to 100 pretty fast as you progress. While Scyva and Nahut are hard, players who want to do Izax CANNOT be carried through; there are specific jobs and positions each member of the group has to understand if they're not going to wipe, sometimes even the reduced combat rez cd isn't enough to keep the group going.
Even the trash is a lot more complicated; there are 2 puzzles that can potentially take up more time than a few pulls of a boss would, and they have practically no reward for mastering them at all save for a little medal. That makes this op significantly longer than most picked up players would expect, and there's inevitable fatigue and drops well before people get to Scyva.
In short: It's new, so people can't be bothered to guide hunt yet; it's hard, and most people are not built with the reflexes and lack of tunnel vision that the bosses require; and it's long, so most groups are expected to fizzle out halfway through. People pug group content looking for a quick, easy, and complete run through content for the rewards and Gods isn't conducive to that. A shame beause I do enjoy the combat there.