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The rules of PvP

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08.14.2012 , 12:23 PM | #21
Quote: Originally Posted by redsovereign View Post
I know that blind gives resolve per second as the poster above me said. To explain my issue with the CCing; the issue is that you can chain too much CC into a combo.

Mezz/Blind to catch up with your foe and give a positional advantage over your opponent (which is uncounterable ATM), throw in 1 free DOT for example, followed by another when blind is broken, stun them, they will use Resolve because else they'll die, continue to burst them. If they run you slow them or relocate them.

So we have 1-2-3-4 CC in a combo for some classes, 1 of them is counterable, the others are not. The biggest issue is that Blind/Mezz even though it gives Resolve per/s leaves you CCed so long that even if you chose your battle correctly you still will be zerged, stunned again and dead.

1 blind /mezz = very often 100% dead toon

Feel free to continue discuss this cause I'm always open to different opinions but ATM my opinion of this is that blind/mezz is the same as a stun, it works a little different but its the same result and when you can chain a mezz/blind into a stun then you suddenly have 2 free stuns followed by slows and relocation, that is indeed powerful and something that not many classes should have
"Use Resolve" ? You mean your CC break? You then go on to say if, after your target hits full Resolve, if they try to run, you can slow or relocate them. Only the slow would work because every pull/KB/push gives 400 resolve and has no effect when someone is full Resolve.

1 mezz does no equal a dead toon either because a mezz breaks on damage. Stop posting misinformation and L2P.
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Quote: Originally Posted by gwrtheyn
atm Concealment Operative are like a dog humping on your leg,anoying,but not lethal
Quote: Originally Posted by jaxxxster
Solution : Nerf Operatives. Again.

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08.14.2012 , 01:08 PM | #22
Quote: Originally Posted by sanchito View Post
You should be immune to all movement impairing effects during full resolve, besides resolve works fine imo
Stuns resolve effect should be 250 per second of stun. That simple adjustment might help.

Start there then look at your point. I'd like to see stun locking addressed and this is the simpliest fix.
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08.14.2012 , 05:20 PM | #23
Why do everyone assume that because you play SWTOR you've played WoW...