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After Onslaught

Myrtar's Avatar

11.08.2019 , 06:10 PM | #1
Hello, people of this forum, fans of the SW universe and you, our lovely devs!

Got a quick question. I know, I might be eaten 'cause I like this kind of stuff in the MMORPGs (while I should be into PvPing and gearing my character to be a bad boss) but I have to ask something. I haven't played the Onslaught, yet. I'm finishing the story with my first RepSide character ever - smuggler. When Arn was introduced even before the expansion to go live, I totally became in awe. Why? He's somehow a combination of my favourite races in the Mass Effect universe - Quarians and Geths (don't ask me why...). I was hoping that perhaps he would be a romance option but... I've heard that he's not.

My question is - is there any possibility that in the future he could become an LI for our protagonist?

If this question was already asked or something, feel free to close/delete this post. If not, why not let it stick around.

And I know - not everybody has to be into that kind of stuff. And I'm totally fine with that. I hope that we, as a player base, are a supportive, creative and caring community so everyone will treat each other with respect in this topic.

Thank you for your time and attention.

P.S. So sorry for any mistakes in my post. English is not my native language and sometimes my brain just farts random things.

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11.08.2019 , 10:46 PM | #2
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