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Strike Fighters = Unbeatable?

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05.19.2019 , 01:28 PM | #11
What is really unbeatable is teamwork. A mixture of ship capabilities working together is the hardest to deal with.

I'm not a bomber specialist and not an especially good evasive bomber pilot but I do use them occasionally. I still solo queue most of the time and when I started I always took concussion and seismic when I flew that type of bomber, because that was the best way to kill attacking scouts without any help. When I had some chances to play with a group on voice they wanted me to switch to interdiction mines. If I had help from teammates interdiction mines made it easier for teammates to kill attackers. They also preferred I use interdiction drone instead of railgun drone on that type of bomber for the same reason.

Hyperspace beacons are extremely useful in domination, try to put it close to sats but with a some cover. On the Denon map some coordinated groups will have a bomber delay spawning until another bomber has placed a beacon halfway to B, then spawn with a full engine power pool and get to B faster.

A lone bomber can be defeated, especially by 2 attackers that make it harder for bombers to los both attackers. But if teammates are helping the bomber the attackers need a lot more attackers, or those attackers have to be way better than the defenders. A gunship at range behind the sat can stay out of range of enemy gunships and shoot any scouts or strikes that come after the bomber. A scout or strike teammate has an easier time dogfighting around a sat if the enemy has to watch out for mines. They can also go after enemy gunships trying to get good position, or try to intercept enemy bombers in open space. Protorps are a big reason bombers can be in big trouble in open space.

While voice makes it easier, even without it a bit of common sense on the part of players should enable them to see when they should be helping defend sats.

The formula for winning domination is simple, if you can ever get the middle sat and one of the others. Once you have 2 sats, put a bomber on each one, then most of the rest of the team should be a mobile force moving between the 2 sats as needed. The 3rd sat should be probed a bit to keep them honest, but never attacked in strength at the expense of holding the other 2.

Never leave a sat undefended, unless you need to take another sat so quickly to have a chance that you have to take a risk. I have seen a group of ships rush away from a recently taken sat and rush to the next sat, leaving the newly taken sat undefended. A good player can knock out all 3 turrets and start capping an undefended sat in about 10 seconds. Even 1 defender can usually slow attackers down long enough for help to come if teammates are paying attention. That's why bombers should always take communication sensors.
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