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What are some good crew skills for consistent armor peddling?

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What are some good crew skills for consistent armor peddling?

FearsomeLegion's Avatar

12.21.2018 , 12:00 AM | #1
In other games where crafting materials and putting them out consistently makes you an incredible asset, I've always been the guy to forge armor types. Light, medium, heavy, whatever needs to be made, I could make it. I've been wanting to do it in SWTOR for a while but I've been unsure as to what crew skills I should get to start outputting proper armor for myself and the guild I'm in. Any suggestions?

LD_Little_Dragon's Avatar

12.21.2018 , 02:38 AM | #2
I would suggest you play the game for a while before getting into crafting.

If you're thinking of actual usable gear, I'm not sure if anyone bothers gearing for anything but end-level anymore. Most crafted armors are used for cosmetic reasons only.

There's recently been a change to the endgame tier of gear - I'm not sure how useful the crafted gear will turn out to be when people start getting used to the new gearing method.

The actual armor makers are the armormechs and synthweavers, but again, the armor is mostly cosmetic.

For endgame useful gear you're looking at augments - made by synthweavers, armormechs, and armstechs. Each can onhy make their own specific type of augment. Those are the only gear type of gear you can't buy from the vendors.
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12.26.2018 , 03:44 PM | #3
I wouldnt bother, you wont make enough credits to make it worth your time. For some reason too many people do this and sell their items at or below cost. They think the mats used to make them have no value seeing as they picked them up off the ground for free. Incredibly stupid considering they could sell the mats for more than they are making from the crafted items.

iamjanan's Avatar

01.09.2019 , 05:52 AM | #4
I personally craft my own gear all the way up. Crafted gear is the best you can get before endgame (in terms of stats). It is way more powerful than the gear you get from missions, drops or vendors. It means I'm always max equipped for my level, and therefore op for pve.

Highest level you can craft in the main game is 228 (with reverse engineering), but endgame gear goes higher than that. I haven't done much endgame crafting yet. It requires exotic materials only available in Flashpoints, Operations and PVP.

I've sold a few things I've crafted, but there doesn't seem to be a huge market for it (either buyers or sellers). Except item mods and enhancements, armoring, hilts and barrels. Those seem to sell. All the cosmetic gear needs to be populated with those, so people need them. The crafted ones are much more powerful than the ones you can buy from vendors.

Best crafting skill for quality of life in game though would probably be Biochem for consumables. Second maybe Armormech for Agent/BH/Trooper/Smuggler, or Synthweaving for Jedi/Sith, because you'll always have maxed armor for your level (until endgame).

For Augments, Synthweavers make Alacrity, Critical and Defense; Armstech makes Accuracy; Armormech makes Shield and Absorb. There are others that are Mastery/Endurance and Power/Endurance, but I don't use those.