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Story diff?

talesdae's Avatar

11.19.2019 , 04:24 AM | #1

I did "fallen knight" until kill Vaylin with a "good" SITH.

whats new if I do with bad sith? good jedi? bad jedi? I guess very few cinematic will change or more bigger change than I think?

sorry for my eng

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11.19.2019 , 04:59 AM | #2
Not much, in the end the few differences are only minors choices you pick . Like which companions you decided to kill during the story, accepting Valk powers, and who back you up in the end final battle .

But the story only have 2 choices , DS or LS....and later content isn't tied to Kotfe and Kotet anymore.
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11.19.2019 , 05:16 AM | #3
thansk for answer what is DS or LS?

and if I decide to do the story after Vaylin with a character whom didnt do Vaylin, what automatic choice gonna be? you said I can choose death but If I jump this storyline with another character?

(wow sorry for my english I didnt understand what I said )

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11.19.2019 , 05:32 AM | #4
DS is Dark Side choice, LS is Light Side choice.

The differences in conversations are minimal, as it was said you have the choice to kill some companions and also some main characters and that will shape the final battle. I dont want to spoil, but if you kill someone he will not be there at the end to help you. Basically if you go full Dark Side in the end you will be facing Valkorion alone, which is also kinda cool that you do it all yourself and dont need help since you are so powerful

There are also some choices that for example DS will be to kill a main character, but even if you chose it, it wont happen as the game has very little story differences.
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11.20.2019 , 01:52 AM | #5
Ok I see, thanks for answers!