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CURRENT guide for Guardian/Jugg tank

STAR WARS: The Old Republic > English > Classes > Guardian / Juggernaut
CURRENT guide for Guardian/Jugg tank

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07.17.2019 , 06:18 AM | #21

I've been reading most of the comments here, yours specificly as I've been away a while from the game and I want to dust off my jugg. Just so if I have understood you correctly but feel free to correct anything here:

Before I say more this question is focused on PvP. Here goes:

I go with regular setup like around 1800 crit, 703 ala and rest mastery and dps offhand generator (Focus)
Standard versatile armorings, unlettered mods and enchancements as you need to get your targeted numbers
Same goes with augments to fill your needs

Here I go with Endurance armorings (resistive?), B lettered mods (endurance), crit/ala enhancements
Offhand should be a "shield" for the extra % def and ala/crit augs (or some mastery left overs)

So basicly asking your knowledge in this. Btw I am also the same when it comes to the rotations, utilities and all that. I prefer learn it myself and get some muscle memory then go mimicing all the info on some guide/video

Or is it perhaps just better overall just to stick with the DPS setup nowdays, depending if you have a (pocket) healer backing you up? Maybe PT is in a good spot now as skanks? But I know you're very biased to Guardian so I guess I know the answer to that already. Thanks in advance.

Edit: Grammar and typos.

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09.03.2019 , 02:39 AM | #22
Why do I need DPS mods in my tank set? I don't understand this nonsense I'm not a DPS
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09.03.2019 , 03:05 AM | #23
Quote: Originally Posted by BlueSorcerer View Post
Why do I need DPS mods in my tank set? I don't understand this nonsense I'm not a DPS
It's not like you absolutely need DPS mods. It's that Defense mods are bad. There is way too much defense on gear, and after 2-2.5k defense rating it's basically a total waste. If you gather all the defense rating you can, you get over 4k defense.. Way, way too much. You can run even less defense than 2k and still be fine, it's one of the most meaningless mitigation sources for a tank. Shield Chance, Damage Reduction and active DCDs is what mitigates most of the damage.

So, what is ideal for a tank is to drop most or all the Warding mods and grab Lethal mods. The extra power you get will help with aggro generation, will help with group's overall DPS. It's not mandatory but it's nice to have. I'd say it's one of the last things you should be getting when you are gearing your tank, though.

If you do have issues with DPS checks in your group, first thing to look at is what the hell are the DPS players doing. Or if healers are throwing in some DPS skills during healing downtime. Tank is the last one to look at when you are searching for extra DPS (unless there is something to reflect, hehe).

Long story short - you will be fine with full defense gear, in most cases. But if you want to deliver the most optimal performance, you will have to get Lethal Mods.

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09.08.2019 , 01:35 AM | #24
Quote: Originally Posted by GhOsTPrOz View Post
You have a very warped mindsets here and seem to think only Shadow tanks are viable lol. I have cleared pretty much every boss in the game as Vanguard, Guardian and Shadow. What do you want to know about guardian specifically ?
any gods kills?
Not Herc