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Companion window shuffle?

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Companion window shuffle?

Nvara's Avatar

10.20.2015 , 10:30 AM | #1
Why is Skadge at the top of my list now instead of Mako? I don't use him, he is a turd. I never want to hear his voice again. If I could blow him out an airlock I would. He isn't the first companion we get, nor is he first in alphabetical order. So I dont get why or how this happened. They didnt have enough to do?

This is really the least of my complaints on this patch but, seriously, can I put them back in the order I want somehow?


10.22.2015 , 11:51 AM | #2
Yes. YES to us determining our own order.

Or, failing that, sort them by influence. I don't like having my ship droid at the top when he has 0 influence. I want the highest influence and thus BEST crafter at the top. If they are equal, then sort them by whoever had the most influence first, since clearly I like them best.