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No thought to the short term effects on the players

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No thought to the short term effects on the players

RealVilarus's Avatar

10.21.2015 , 06:36 PM | #1
It is all well and good when game designers try to change things "for the better", but it seems as though every time they make sweeping changes in this game they neglect to consider the effect on the long term player. I have a maxed out crafter of every type and now I've simply lost how many different discoveries that I had made throughout the different crafting types. I'm not even just talking about the specific armor items I could make as artifacts, I'm talking more about having enhancements and armoring yanked from the skills they were in and put elsewhere.
They couldn't even be bothered to have my knowledge of the enhancements from one skill on one character transfer to the new skill on a different character without me having to hit the trainer like I've never made one before. Why am I having to pay to relearn things I already knew? Why should I have to rediscover all the improved versions of the same items I already used time and resources to learn?
It is in my opinion thoughtless to the immediate impact this will have on their loyal long term players.

Storm-Cutter's Avatar

10.22.2015 , 09:06 AM | #2
BW probably have a metric that shows that long-established players with tons of crafting recopies, rarely spend much money in the Cartel Market.

Which seems plausible, since you can make a lot of cosmetic or leveling items, mounts, grenades stims and the rest.

Which is fun and profitable for you as a crafter in game, but doesn't quite fit BW's business model of making tons of cash for their EA masters.

in game, they need to syphon off excess mats -especially since crafting for conquest was changed - and sink a few billions of credits as people re-learn recipes / change crewskills, buy tons of mats from the GTN and such.

Yes it's tough, but everyone's in the same boat. -If the market changes, you need to change with it to survive. -There's nothing complicated about learning or re-learning schematics, it's not REAL money anyway , and I would say if you're even semi clued-up about crafting, there's easy millions to be made at the moment as people flood back into the game, trust me.
-Storm Cutter.
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