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Legacy > Global Unlocks > Companion Bonuses Question

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Legacy > Global Unlocks > Companion Bonuses Question

jeremyofmany's Avatar

10.21.2015 , 06:01 PM | #1
I do not have KotFE Early Access. Someone told me that if I did not unlock the companion bonuses before the regular KotFE hits next week, that I wouldn't be able to.
I'm referring to the companion bonuses under Global Unlocks in your Legacy.
See screenshot.

Can someone please confirm this for me? If I want these unlocks, will they still be unlockable next week?

eartharioch's Avatar

10.21.2015 , 06:07 PM | #2
Yes, they should still be unlockable. HOWEVER:
1) Instant 60s won't unlock them
2) If you start the KotFE story on a character, that character won't be able to have any of the necessary conversations.

So you can still finish your class story and companion missions (and unlock the abilities) as long as you don't start the new story. This is per character, not account, so starting the story with one of your chars that has done all companion conversations won't mess up an alt.
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