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MK-8 Kit Profit Margin

BenWalker's Avatar

10.21.2015 , 01:38 PM | #1
Hey guys, just wondering is there really any big profit margin into making MK-8 kits? The purchasing mats required to make them is alot. Lets take it from the start of RE. To make an item from the old archive to RE for Component MK-8, it will take 4x of the new assembly component. So given that the purchasing mats are all priced at $800 each, that will be $800 x 2 for new assembly component. Then $1600 x 4 which will be $6,400. To make a MK-8 kit we have to get 10 of these so $6,400 x 10 which gives us $64,000 just for that one purchasing mat alone. Does it make sense or can someone enlighten me on what i am missing here crafting these? Thanks in advance

LordTurin's Avatar

10.21.2015 , 01:41 PM | #2
Not really. There's always been a bit of a weird ecosystem about them, you'll actually make more money just selling the slots a lot of the time then you would if you crafted them together (especially given cost of other mats). Can't really explain why the swtor economy works like that, but works like that it does.
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10.21.2015 , 02:26 PM | #3
I think it depends on the server.

On Begeren Colony I had a decent margin on Augment Kits (vs raw mats) most of the time. But on Shadowlands, there was more crafting competition than there was demand, and the margins were too low for me to bother.